Thursday, January 31, 2013

Missing tweets from Artwiculate by @TiddK

Many current Artwiculate players will know that once upon a time there was a scoring system, and players could vote, resulting in a winning tweet, a Top 5, Top 20, Top 50. That system has been taken down now, for good or ill. 

What is certainly 'ill' is that - for reasons best known to themselves - Artwiculate have also removed the archive, which showed the top tweets for every single word of the day. This would be a treasure trove of wit, poetry, puns, clever wordplay, haiku, playfulness.. all gone. 

Recently, I happened across the screenshots I made each day I won (vanity, vanity, all is vanity!). These showed not only my winning tweet, but as many tweets as I could fit into a single screenshot. I have converted these using OCR software, and offer them here as a record of happier days, and as an archive - sadly, only a drop in the ocean - of some of the tweets that found popularity with voters.

Tidd's blog:


  1. Thanks Harry - I've also put this out on Twitter and Get Satisfaction. Hopefully people will get some pleasure from past tweets, and I'm promised more to come.

    Just one small thing - could you link to this from the main "The Artwiculate Archive" page here too? That would make it easier for people to find the archive (or links to more of it) all in one place :-)

  2. I've now added tweets from a few ArtwicBest pages that I screenshot (is there such a past participle as that?). Hopefully there will be more to come.


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