Friday, May 4, 2012

Excerpts from the diary of Wanda Erlust - May 4 2012

(continued from 3 May 2012)

Oh, goody! Today I get to go back to sleep for a bit. Not before I learn that @marcosarroyos cleaned up yesterday’s artwiculate with, “Woohoo! I convinced my auto-correct that bowlderize is correct Ha, ha, take that mother farmer!” I don’t think I quite understand, but George thought it good.
While I’m away they’ll all be sitting at their computers and telephones and pads and things trying to do something clever with “Macular”. Eye’ve no idea what they might come up with.
It’s been fun here. I’m looking forward to a long sleep now as I’ve been told that Dr Opbear—who I’m going to see next—is away for a bit.

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