Thursday, May 3, 2012

Excerpts from the diary of Wanda Erlust - May 3 2012

(continued from 2 May 2012)

@mazpow won Artwiculate this morning with, “Brandiloquent: nothing more to ad”. Very clever.
Today’s word is Bowlderize. Even I can spell better than that.

As well as frogs and toads, @Cormanus also has occasional visits from an antechinus, a native Australian rat-like creature. It’s apparently a most agreeable creature, but raids the pantry during the night and makes a mess. Sounds like fun. I’d like to meet him. George sets a trap for it and then takes it away from the house and releases it into the bush.
I know that now. He didn’t tell me at the time. I was prowling around early in the morning, feeling a mite peckish and spied a bit of carrot. I went after it. Imagine my surprise when the door banged behind me and I was in an altogether different type of travelling box. Didn’t smell nearly so nice as mine!

Today we went to Noosa, one of Australia’s premier tourist resorts. It has a rare (for Queensland) north facing beach which gives it shelter from the prevailing easterly winds. Its temperate climate makes it a pleasant destination all year round, and the slight shelter means the water isn’t too rough.

@Cormanus took me on his motorcycle. I sat happily at the front and enjoyed the wind and the view of the Australian bush.
On the headland protecting Noosa is a national park where people go to walk, surf and swim. One can also see the ubiquitous brush turkeys.

And I did. Pity my hand shook as I took the photo.

They also go to the national park to see koala bears which are occasionally to be found in their natural habitat. @Cormanus told me you seldom see them, but we struck it lucky and found one doing what they do best: sitting in a tree, sleeping.

 I tried to wake it up so it would come down and talk to me, but it wouldn’t stir. I wasn’t going up to talk to it, even though George tried to get me to so that he could take a photo of two truly remarkable bears.

Then it was off to Noosa’s famous beach. I’m not too keen on water, but I was happy to prop against a rock and watch the humans disporting themselves on the beach and in the water.

 If you look very, very carefully, you can see me in the left of the picture. I’m such a handsome bear!
On the way home, we climbed a mountain—it was called Tinbeerwah—actually, I was feeling weary so I made George carry me.
In this photo, I can be seen looking out over Noosa.
I was reluctant to include the photo below because it is such a poor shot of me, but it does show the hill that dominates the landscape just behind @Cormanus’ house.

Every year there’s a race to the top. People run from the middle of the town to the top and back down again. It’s nearly 400 metres tall and very, very steep They do it in just over 20 minutes.

When we got home, I was keen to inspect the bananas. They are very high up and @Cormanus had to help me up. It wasn’t me who ate them—the bite was there when I arrived. It’s amazing how they grow.

Then it was time to talk to the other animals. I formed an excellent relationship with Oink the pig, although I was not able to persuade him to seek help for an obvious case of jaundice. Maybe he’d been into the bananas?

The duck was suitably respectful. Indeed this is how I’ll remember the animals—hanging off my every word. I’m such a fascinating bear.

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  1. Looks like Wanda had a wonderful time with you George!!


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