Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Excerpts from the diary of Wanda Erlust - May 2 2012

(continued from 1 May 2012)

The word of the day is Brandiloquent.
Yesterdays was Wachancy and Kevin won with, Wachancy: Today's random word resulting from #Artwiculate playing #lostconsonants. N of that I am certain.
I don’t know why I write down the word of the day It seems programmed into me. I might have to get some help for it. I’d rather be out meeting the local wildlife.

I sat beside the pond and waited in the hope of meeting an Australian Green Tree Frog.
@Cormanus told me I’d be more likely to meet a cane toad—an ugly beast imported to deal with some pest or other. It failed and is now spreading like wild fire all over Australia.
Because this diary will soon be famous and everywhere, I have to be careful not to breach copyright with stuff I put in it. So, here’s a link to a photo of a cane toad.

Ugly critter, isn’t it? They’re poisonous and kill pretty much anything that eats them.
There’s also a great movie about them.
The frog in the picture above is much nicer.
Enough about cane toads. I enjoyed sitting by the pond. There’s something very soothing about fountains.
Our plans to tour the local environment were thwarted by unseasonal rain.

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