Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excerpts from the diary of Wanda Erlust - May 1 2012

I know it’s May day because the humans tell me. They always do. They think I’m interested. Just like they think I’m pleased to be woken from hibernating in my lovely travelling box.
I’ve just had a couple of very pleasant days asleep while in transit from Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia, where I stayed with Tracy. For some reason she also calls herself @Squawkingalah.
This other name has to do with some funny thing called Twitter. All the people I visit seem to do it. I thought it was only birds that twittered. Apparently not; humans seem to like it too. To be fair, though, the human twittering is not just blether about worms and stuff. It seems to have a purpose: they twitter away about words. That’s a #swappedconsonants joke. Some of them are pretty damned clever too. I like it that they share them with me from time to time.
I’ve come to stay with George. He’s a Twit better known as @Cormanus. He lives in a place called Pomona in Queensland, Australia. If anyone gives a damn, that’s 1,000 kilometres or so from where Tracy put me in the box. George has an eccentric house, but he seems ok. His partner is wonderful. They don’t have any young children, which is good and bad. They’re exhausting but they do give me nice things to eat. George gave me acceptable wine to drink and a fine single malt lter in the evening.
He tells me the word of the day for yesterday was daspygal, which means ‘having hairy buttocks’. So I’m daspygal who is lifted from my comfy travelling box to keep an eye on the Twitterati and report to God knows who. Well, I thought it was funny.
And the Artwiculate winner was @steveandhens (who along with some other Sydney Twitterarti) took me to Bathurst. He wrote, “I'm really happy with the sides, and that's a great length for my fringe. Could you just take a little more off the bottom? #dasypygal”. I like that.
We had a quiet evening and talked over what we might do while I was staying. George said he had just been told he had to go away to do some work (he didn’t like the idea of work) and apologised that the visit would be briefer than he’d hoped.
I was very polite. I didn’t tell him I was perfectly happy hibernating.

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