Saturday, March 10, 2012

Update: Wanda in Canberra

Wanda goes rock climbing, museuming and spacing in Canberra.
Leonie (@leoniedoyle) hosted the Artwiculate Bear and took these pictures:


  1. I am a RIDICULOUS human being. I've tears rolling down my eyes. Not sure exactly why, except that I cannot help but be moved in seeing a teddy bear travel the world and visit so many amazing places and be the thread that connects friends, acquaintances and strangers who all met playing a word game on Twitter. Whatever one wants to say of our world, I cannot help but think it "the best of all possible worlds" even if we have to still improve it and ourselves. (I asked my mother if the Pollyanna gene runs in the family, she was not helpful—responded that "I was born this way; oh, great.)

    Leonie: thank you.

    1. You're right Silia, I also feel ridiculously moved.

  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks so much Leonie. I love the trio of art appreciators. And thank you Sil - I couldn't agree more, the Wanda adventure has been more special than it probably should have.

  3. Somebody has got to write about the Wanda phenomenon, I suspect it may be unprecedented. Who's up for it? Love the art appreciators too. Leonie, Harry, thanks for this.


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