Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wanda in Oz, part 1

Wanda's travels continue.
She made it all way from hanging out with John and Björn in Sweden high up North to the Land Doiwn Under.
Once in Australia Marianne (@mazpow) manages to get Wanda an acting career. And bird seeds to eat.
In her first role Wanda convincingly plays a lonely bear called Ellie who falls in the river.
Then, when she has crawled out to safety, sitting on a rock, she hears a voice: "Hello Ellie..!"


  1. Just reviewing old footage with Wanda's newest fan who has noticed all the subtle costume changes and wants to know if Wanda really has her driver's licence.

  2. Great movie! Kudos to the narrator and camera-person. I'm glad Wanda is making new friends. And love the sound of the birds in the background too. :)

  3. I missed this one, how did that happen? Great job, Ella. It's really lovely to hear your word on Wanda's lips.


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