Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A short stopover in Amsterdam

Between a past Summer in France and upcoming holidays in Sweden,
Wanda had a short stopover in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Here is an on the spot video report. For Wanda's travel history, check THIS!


  1. Awawaw... look at her furry majesty! I cannot wait to hear (and see) her postcards from Sweden!

  2. Off to Stockholm? What was I thinking of? Göteborg of course!!!

  3. Göteborg/Gothenburg indeed! Thanks for the slice of Netherlands Harry. Looks like you've got as little winter there as we have here. Wanda is a little disappointed there's no snow ... on the other hand I would have thought she had enough snow last year in England to last her a while.

    Silia - I am so surprised at how soft Wanda's fur is. A lovely teddy bear. Very nice to touch ... no wonder you had to kiss her on the nose. Mwah!


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