Monday, November 14, 2011

Heeeeeeere's Wanda!

Wanda spent the Summer with Katy  56, in France where she also met Jane  and Miranda  and had a vacation in Ireland. 
Where and with whom has Wanda been so far? Check HERE.


  1. Katy! What a time you must have had with Wanda! And the pictures of Miranda & Jane! And when she's done in Europe she'll be visiting Australia! Hmmm... I wonder if Igor can accompany her to keep her safe.

    I wanna Wanda too.



  2. That is the best Wanda video yet, what a team Katy Wanda and Harry make! I'll have to show this to Rose-Anne, she'll be absolutely astonished.
    Lovely lovely lovely. Must visit Ireland!

  3. Why Silia! You can have whatever you Wanda.
    Yes, she is the best company ever. As for the Little People, we take this opportunity to admit that, despite all assertions to the contrary, Wanda did in fact not just encounter but effectively subjugate our small friends. The true explanation for her prolonged stay in Ireland. What passed between them we shall never know but there was much hilarity on the moonlit hills of Tara.

    Igor has offered his services as personal minder to Wanda for the long and perilous voyage to Oz.

    It was a truly Wandafull experience !

  4. Loved the video. Wanda is such a cute bear. & so lucky to get to all those amazing places. Can't wait to see what she makes of Oz.

  5. Very impressive, nice team work there!!

    Looking forward to seeing Wanda...we were talking about her coming here this time last year!!


  6. Wanda is a true citizen of the world. The Antipodes beckons.

  7. Thanks Katy, Miranda and Jane - wonderful to see you all. And thank you Harry for putting it all together so beautifully - I was mesmerized.. Great job by all of you. Down Under in the future?

  8. Fantastic, Katy. My daughter Sally (6) voted "funny", particularly for Wanda's scenery viewing... We live about two minutes from The National Stud/ Japanese Gardens. Pity we're solate to Artwiculate. Would have been nice to meet Wanda... :)

  9. Wanda's back? Hurrah!

    Great to see her Wanda the Celtic Corners with Katy, Miranda and Jane.

    Of course, if she visited the Little People it's no Wanda it took so long - time moves at a different pace in the land of Faerie.

    Wither doth she Wanda now? To Oz? No time for Scandinavia? :(

    Great little film Harry - nice choice of music too - Wanda where I can hear more ... :)

  10. Great video! Nice to see Katy, Miranda, and Jane with Wanda. And what beautiful sights and scenery! I loved seeing Wanda looking out the car window!! :)

  11. What a beautiful video. Sorry I've been so slack about checking it out! Congratulations Harry, Katy (and of course, Wanda) It is lovely to see you in action. And very nice to see Vintage Crop is going strong - 1993 Melbourne Cup feels like yesterday! Hope Goulburn is not going to be a disappointment - we can bearly wait.

  12. Beautiful photos! Wow, wish I were there. Give my regards to Wanda.


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