Saturday, January 1, 2011

Wanda's Pie in the Sky

Wanda waves a Happy 2011 to you all!


  1. I would have waved, Wanda, but I couldn't see you.


  2. I see her! I'd recognise that green neck scarf anywhere :-)

    Happy New Year Wanda, I hope 2011 brings you at least as much excitement, joy and interesting places as last year did.

  3. I mourn.

    I grieve.

    Wanda has gone missing.

    My - our - life is not the same :-(

    O come back to us, small and loving bear. Wherever you are, we think of you.

    At my local café they ask every week, "Have they found her yet?" I weep when I have to tell them "No. Still MIA". They look sad.

    Wanda. You are missed.


    come back to us.

    Come back.

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