Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Wanda Erlust Chronicles

***Click on the photo to read all about Wanda's first day of her "Around The World In 365 Days" trip!

Meet Wanda, everyone! Wanda is a gypsy, philosopher, troubadour! She just started visiting Silia in Southern California for a couple of weeks & then she's off to see the world!

She wants to flirt with MaxRaunchiness in Tijuana and talk Kafka late into the night while drinking Gimlets with MarcosArroyos! Party with StarOfSavannah, ultracutebot & coinopratdchris, have pn8r to show her the stars, dsceiorg cook for her & Aaron paint her portrait & sing for her! If they'll have her, that is. And then, who knows? Hunt down Harrarp (wherever he roams) and play a game of Go with him (she's been practicing) and then head off to party with Lagadu123, Tralala56, EmmaExpress & Kado56? Finally meet lithiumzombie's goldfish! (OK, Daniel too, she says.) Mmmmmmm... meet MaltaGoddess! (So much fun to be had with Nancy, so little time. *Sigh*.) Jaunt over the Channel for tea with TiddK & GardenComet? Visit TheSuperCargo & guest-star in his daily wrap-up show? Meet up with Igor and drop in on dmriver down under? Ditch Igor at David's and talk JonPowles into cooking for her? (She reaaaaaaaaaaaaally wants him to compose something just for her!) Meet her heroine MazPowles? Meet Squawkingalah's galahs and dance to "Hotel California" with mwartwiculate??? Maybe OsmarJardim may want her to visit in Brazil? Have sushi with Tama001 & agezoko in Japan? See a monsoon wedding or two or three or twenty three with NavinSasikumar, Prashanthm18 & Asim7Asim, Nimue_, DrChavi and...? It's a small world, after all & she wants to live it all! And what about Fatal_Romantic, Faisal___, TinaNguyen, californiakara, minibtweet, twordbird, ysabeluna, davecurry, maryjenkins, ZimmerJohn, DrMobs, GoldenSkye, FogOJones, Eridanus, ChrisDetar, LBY3, Kings_Indian, LunaJune, Wifsie, bwlighting, Mirridun, Anamuk, CelticGladiator, GbayUgurl, Amanuel187, Krafti_Kit, Silverne, Jneen8, Quatfest_Haiku, StephCat716, Nickpbonwick, BurningHawk1969, baccatum, tGunnars, LorcanDesperado? And DrJillZ, K_Geddings, AJeanne, Ecclestoned, PranavMukul, InVinceWil, SnowAndStars, GraffitiPoet, ariandalen, hfeagea, beezknez, lawyergirl3, yearningford_sky, urbanascetic, minibwilson, LStephenCleary, Slave_To_Coffee, lexiconhead, honeygloom, DonnaFaz, Yupius, storygirl08, Schnicka & DarkHaikuMoon?

ONE guess whose idea was this! Nope. Wrong! It is... dmriver's! Oh, yes! It all started a couple of weeks ago with a few DMs that went like this:

"Silia I've had an idea that might be silly, but I quite like. We could have an artwiculate bear (teddy bear) that travels between artwits and get's photographed where people live, could have a series at the Salon? Would that be fun? Probably have a log book to travel too where people enter messages, what do you think?"

ONE guess what Silia thought! Yeap. You're right! From then on it's been a team effort to outfit Wanda (bohemian chic), help her pack (that's her suitcase in the picture) & get her trip started in California.

Here's in David's words his vision for Wanda's circumambulating:

Bear Manifesto (David's rough notes, when finalised these will be in the cover of Wanda's travel log)

1. Treat Wanda well, she has travelled far and has a long way to go.

2. Wanda will travel around any artwiculators that would like a visit within a country before she moves on to another country (she doesn't want anyone to feel left out).

3. Whoever agrees to a visit is then responsible for sending her on to the next person.

4. Send Wanda on as soon as possible, probably 5 days maximum stay. (Her first stay with Silia is longer because they're getting her ready for her trip).

5. Postal addresses must be kept confidential (not passed on to anyone for any reason).

6. Take one or more photos or a video of Wanda somewhere that is important to you and send it to the Salon with a description of where she is. Local icons would be good, or a day in the life of artwiculato X.

7. Wanda's travel log book must be filled in: date, name/twitter name, location (but not your address), WOTD for that date, your own favourite entry to artwiculate for the day, personal messages to the rest of the crowd. Please keep it clean, this is a teddy bear remember, children will want to see in her logbook. (Editor's Note: He's talking to you, Max. ;-).

******If you want Wanda to visit you please say so in your comment to this post so we can begin scheduling her itinerary.

So who do you think named Wanda? ONE guess! Include it in your comment & we'll post the answer in a few days!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's boogie, Navin!

What better way to celebrate your birthday, Navin, than... (OK, after love. After hugs too. Yes, after body shots also. Yeap, after that too...) got it, dancing!!! Let David @dmriver lead the way, baaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!! I, Silia, will follow! Let's boogie-woogie, David! C'mon, Navin... join us! Conga line anyone???

Happy Birthday Navin!!!

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Here's bacon to your heart's content
Navin - just for you!!!

Bar Twiculate is having a three-day party in honor of our Crowning Prince of Artwiculate, @NavinSasikumar! Let the love, hugs & body shots begin!!! Stay tuned... "Soul Train" video coming up, starring two of Navin's biggest fans, coincidently, the first Artwiculati who RT'd one of Navin's tweets!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Talk about blowing his own trumpet ...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

We believe in you, Savannah

The girl with the stars in her eyes. A video for Savannah, of Savannah. All the words in the video are hers. All the photos are of Savannah, surreptitiously hunted down to surprise her with them. Watch. You'll have no doubt there is nothing in the world Savannah cannot do; with gumption, with eloquence, with poise, with heart. Congratulations on your graduation, Savannah. We'll always be here, watching you dazzle us.
***Director's Note: To see Savannah in all her magnificence be sure to click on "HQ" at the bottom of the video and watch in "full screen".
******BartWender's Note: White Peach Bellinis all around, folks! Savannah ordered one and I think we should all have a few! Where's that Greek girl to pass around the Croques Messieurs... oh, there she is! Traditional fare served at Harry's Bar in Venice with the Bellini!

Laura @Krafti_kit started partying for Savannah last night!

Here's PROOF!!! We've catching up to do!

Congrads in Starberries!

BartWender Notice: I'm still on the road, but speeding towards your party.
I tried to write your name in strawberries, but ate the Vannah.
Succulent! Sent by phone but looking forward to serve you in person!

As you wish, Savannah!

Here you go, Savannah! Frozen Mudslide!

Let's get this grad party started!

What shall it be, Savannah? We've stocked up! Chambord? Check! Kumquat liqueur? Check! Butterscotch Schnapps? Check! Rose cordial? Yeap! Quince elixir? You bet! And of course the requisite Vodkas, Single Malts, Dom Perignon and Gins (Plymouth too in case Travis McGee drops by - no running off with him though, Silia has dibs on him! They'll be taking off for the Keys in the Busted Flush for a week of R & R!) BarTwiculate is OPEN but not for business - only pleasure! What's your pleasure?
***Bartwender's Note: A round of Werther's shots, a triple vodka martini, another vodka martini, dirty, three olives and a triple dirty Gin Martini, 3 gorgonzola-stuffed olives coming right up! I'm having Irish Whiskey, straight up in honor of Savannah's Fightin' Irish spirit! Wassail!

Almost ready for Savannah's Graduation Party at 2pm EST!

The outdoor courtyard at the Salon is set up and ready to go. Bar Twiculate is setting up al fresco as we're typing this, icing Prosecco for our signature Bellini drinks, served all day long at Savannah's @StarOfSavannah graduation party today! On the Menu today? Silia is making her caviar dip to savour with chilled champagne! Ever had French Fries topped with fresh shaved white truffles? Prepare your taste buds to die & wake up in Paradise! Miranda @Tralala56 is making a Swiss Chocolate Roll! And so much, much, more! See you at 2 pm Eastern Time, US! Admission to the party? You need to do a body shot!

Friday, May 14, 2010

To Savannah on her graduation

We are SO proud of you! Congratulations on your graduation, Savannah @StarOfSavannah! You are the star in our eyes! The world is lucky to have you be born.

Love, hugs and body shots,

The Artwiculati

A Hootenanny for Del!

Yeehah Ysabeluna! Yes ma'am, we're celebratin' like there's no tomorrow!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Del!!!

Today's your birthday!!! You're gonna have a good time!!! (Oh yes, Max assures us of it... he practically begged us to wait until you've gone to sleep to post this so he can surprise you au naturel, Del @Ysabeluna!) And more boys are fighting over you... rumor has it there's a special delivery video on its way from the heart of Texas with a British beauty in it, a mysterious European, a sensuous Brasileiro and a hot-to-trot Texan heart throb... stay tuned at Salon...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Party's not over yet, not by a long shot!

Just when you think you've seen it all, there's this special masterpiece in honor of Katy's special day.
Wrought by Silia @SJHatzi with essential groundwork by Miranda @Tralala56. On behalf of all your Artwiculate friends: The Party's (still) On!

Igor's Request for Katy II

Bartwender Notice: I was half way there, then this dude shows up.
Do NOT click to enlarge, I'm warning you! I'm outa here!

Sure and Begorrah! Riparian Extravaganza!

Riverdance for Katy,  our Salon Artiste and Artwiculate Anthemiste.

Bartwender: Dear Katy, may you live to be 100 years, with one extra year to repent. Breithlá sona duit!

Igor's Request for Katy

Click the image for a full version of Igor's request as transcribed by David.
Bartwender: I'll see what I can do. (Squeezing a tortoise...)
I wished I could say: Here's one we prepared earlier.

Happy birthday, Katy!

The party of the year is here! It's Katy's @Kado56's birthday today and we're painting every hemisphere green in honor of the beguiling lass from the land of Keats! It's open bar all day & all night long at the Salon and we've stocked up on Irish whiskey so we can all tie one on! And later on there will be not one, but two screenings of never before seen performances exclusively for - and by (!) - Katy so grab a drink and stay tuned in - these are two shows you shan't want to miss! Let the love, hugs and body shots begin!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo: Happy Birthday Silia!

A Stars On Ice Special: Artwiculati performing for you.

Well, two of us, the lovely TiddK and the graceful Jonathan,  are performing. The rest of us are at the bar cheering and sending you all the best wishes!
Χρόνια Πολλά, Σίλια, και μπορεί όλες τις επιθυμίες σας πραγματικότητα!

As BarTwender is out of town, why don't you all help yourselves? Think Ouzo, think retsina, think raki or tzigoudia!
And of course there are plenty of Mezedopoleíon, Kolokythoanthoi, Dolmades and Spanakopita to celebrate the Birthday of our Artwiculate Queen!
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