Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Update: Wanda in Essex

Wanda is still en route in the UK. The Wanderlust bear is with Ginette (@Gardencomet) in Essex, and after meeting Dad Bill she's taken on an outing to Southend-on-Sea. The longest pier in the world, how does that grab you Max? The seaside! Tom gets excited enough to dress up for the occasion and do a song.


  1. Ginette! How beautiful! What a great time you showed Wanda! The candy store picture is amazing! Of course the photo with your dad takes the cake on this one! Wanda said she'd love to come back in the Summer too & take a train ride with you!

    And Tom... I'm at a loss for words ;-)

  2. I had to post again: This makes ME want to come visit too!

  3. Good old Essex and sweeeeeeet candy store, loved the picture show. Thx, God bless.

  4. Hooray! I too love the pic of Dad and the crumpets!

  5. I'm amazed - a lifelong Brit and I've never been to Southend!! Thank you Wanda (and Ginette) for introducing me so happily to my own doorstep :D

  6. I live in the basin… I envy you!! meow

  7. The travels of Wanda... always fill me with glee
    Ginette your Dad with Wanda having tea.. just priceless.
    thanks for showing us around :~)

  8. I've just read the comments about Dad to him and he's laughing happily. Wanda is a real star and welcome wherever she goes. Dad and I are both very fond of her and will be sorry to see her go,

    Thank you to everyone who posted a comment and of course to Harry for the wonderful work he did to create such a memorable slide show.

    If Wanda comes to me in the Summer I'll try to find a very small Kiss Me Quick hat for her. We might even build sand castles on the beach :-)

  9. How did I miss this?! "Ginette: For a good time visit!"

    Alright, that bear is cute.


    Tom?! That Speedo look is begging for a blow job!

    If I have the bear visit me, do I get Tom too?

    I'm feeling lustful :-)

  10. Ah, Sahffend! Takes me back, it does.

    Thanks for giving Wanda a tast of a real British holiday resort, Ginette. (Off-season just as it should be.) And crumpets, too!

    Like Nancy, I also reacted to Tom's swimming trunks ... though not in quite the same WAY, I hasten to add. Just raised my eyebrows in admiration.

    I also note Tom singing "Where the Brass Bands play Tiddly here comes Tom!" Clever!


  11. To be honest, John, I heard Tom sing: "Where the bra's bands play..."


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