Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saturday's Paper

Wanda was last seen traveling North with a wicker chest full of goodies.
It's said she's on her way to the ancient settlement of the Saxon leader Snot.


  1. if wanda's on the front page,who's the Page 3 girl?

  2. Hope she's not planning on tweeting any off-hand expressions of frustration about her travel arrangements!

  3. She is not only travelling with her familiar case but also with her new chest with all her treasures in it. The chest is made of wickerwork and Wanda and I chose while she was with me.

  4. To kings_indian:

    Need you really ASK? Pffft... men!

  5. The BBC killed Robin Hood, didn't you know? And Marian too. What a silly thing to do! So Wanda's visit is perfect timing. The Sherwood Forest is in need of a new heroin! Go Wanda go!

  6. Wanda is doing heroin? What has happened since she left NYC?

  7. No, Wanda IS a heroine! Wash your ears out, David :D

    All together now : "Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, riding through the glen, Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, with her Merry Men..."

  8. She called the greatest wordsmiths to a Salon on the green
    They vowed to help Artwiculate define words
    They played with wit and wisdom and the help of much caffine
    And still found time to be absurd.

    Oh Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, riding with aplomb,
    Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, with her Merry Tom
    Feted by the Tweeps
    Loved by all she meets,
    Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood!

  9. She traveled the world from door to door
    With a singing alley cat by her side
    She read from the rich and wrote to the poor
    with a word of the day as her guide.

    Oh Wanda Hood etc.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. A twinkle in her eye, rakish Tom by her side
    Now at Anamuk's livin' the high life!
    Bespoke cocktails, sharing tall tales & many wassails,
    All that a visit to a gastronome entails!

    Oh Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, making merry with Tom
    Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, partying w/ aplomb
    feasting, word-smithing
    drinking and singing...
    Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood, Wanda Hood!

  12. @malta,
    but of course. i stand corrected.

  13. Hooray! Hooray! (Belated cheering and enthusing. Just back from camping.)


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