Sunday, October 10, 2010

Update: Wanda in Minnesota

Wanda in the Twin Cities, visiting Tina in Minnesota. And visiting Miriya most of all, it looks.
Tom does an Elvis imitation, it's the only Teddy bear song he knows...


  1. Beautiful! Thanks so much, Tina for sharing Wanda's visit to your family with us. And thanks to Tom, as usual

  2. Wanda's getting to have that pre-loved look now - and she's wearing it well!

    Tom's really getting into this singing lark now

  3. Wonderful. It was a great look at you family, Tina. It is great to see her being so loved.

  4. Wow! I want to come back as Wanda in my next life and wonder/wander with lust. :)
    Lovely, absolutely lovely. Thanks, Tina!

  5. Wow... this little bear has so much to share :~) what a wonderful thing to do... sharing a moment of our life with her..allowing her to absorb the wonders we see... then sending her on her way
    Tina you rock ! what talks did you and Wanda have in the cool autumn breeze under the trees waiting for wonders to float down?

  6. Tina, I can't decide who is cuter - you, your daughter or Wanda? Oh hell, you're all gorgeous!

    What a lovely idea Maryse - reincarWanda!


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