Saturday, October 16, 2010

Update: Wanda in Minnesota part II

Another Update!
Wanda has left Minnesota. But there are still some more pictures of her adventures with Tina and Miriya!


  1. Never fails to amaze me, how beautiful small town rural America is at this time of year. And how nice to help Wanda with the ice cream from @daydreamer

  2. Just gorgeous, Tina! Wanda is so lucky to have such loving and creative friends!

  3. the beauty of fall
    the chill in the air
    by the warm heart of a friend

    and Wanda has a lot of friends

  4. Part of what makes Wanda's videologues special for me is seeing the parts of the world she visits. In addition to learning of it in a way that seems more personal than a TV travel video, it "frames" for me the living environment of the Artwiculato or Artwiculata Wanda is visiting...

    Tina often writes of her toddler daughter but from now on she'll be Miriya to me, with her "c'mon life - show me whay you've got!" face. And every time I read of Tina taking her walks from now on I'll be transported to the lushness of her world.

    Tina, Miriya & Family: Thank you for sharing your world with us.

    Wanda: Miss you, cutie!

    Harry: your choice of song was perfect -autumnal wistfulness.

    Tom: I love you :-)

  5. Well, Wanda really had a great time in Minnesota.

    I agree with Silia about the videologues and say thank you to Tina and Miriya too!

    And to Harry.

  6. Thank you Harry, you always do such a great job with these. (I'm sorry I missed leaving a comment before now).

    The last few frames - the lake - were so poignant.

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