Saturday, October 23, 2010

Update: Wanda in Devon III

Before Wanda leaves Devon, @TiddK sent Tom her photo album of the little bear's visit.
Cream tea and Ursula. And proof that love was in the air!

(For an overview of Wanda's adventures so far: check this)


  1. Niiice :) Now I really want scones. Where's she off to next?

  2. So well done, Tidd! Lovely! And nice to meet you. :)
    Is Wanda used to driving on the left now? You will be in charge of bringing scones to the next Salon party. And we'll put Wanda to bed before we start so she does not eat the whole thing!!
    Safe journey to her. Hope Ursula is ok...

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  4. the first touch of autumn

    a memorable days

    thanks, Wanda and Tidd !!

  5. Love is in the air...
    Thank you for showing your picture. So nice!

  6. Ursula ("little bear") is pining for Wanda (awww). I'm having to administer lots of cuddles.

    Wanda is off to Essex next - not very far from London.

  7. Tidd, this is BEAUTIFUL and it's so lovely to meet you!

    What great care you took of Wanda - she's now spoiled (which most becomes her ;-)

    One of my favourite Wanda videos to date - thank you for sharing your memories with us Tidd!

  8. Thanks for all the pictures from the West Country, Tidd. And how nice that you were able to include a self-portrait-with-bear.

    Love Tom's punk-union-flag t-shirt, Harry!


  9. Wonderful job by Tidd and Harry. I love Wanda meets friendly bears as she travels along.


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