Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to make a Halloween Plumkin

These are hard times, with the recession and all. And few realize how hard it is to come by a simple pumpkin in some parts of the world.
This is where BartWender comes to the rescue. Whether you're in dire straits like North Korea, Iraq or Australia, here's a solution to help you save your hard earned cash by skipping the pumpkin and going straight for a stiff one at the bar instead.
This tutorial (click to enlarge) should help you to have a Happy Halloween after all.


  1. There was no warning about the bottom pic! It scared me silly! That plum sure packs a lot of "boo!" Thanks, BartWender - boo right back at ya! ;-)

  2. Hehe, I'm having a hard time even getting stone fruit at the mo! :D


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