Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bon Voyage, Laura.

The last airline tweet @Krafti_Kit tweeted was "Couth Airlines: Polite and refined while you fly and unwind. #artwiculate #finallyadecentairline". Laura passed away on September 23rd after a long battle with lung disease. So don't be surprised if we start seeing GS posts requesting an Artwiculate version for playing up in the sky. Knowing Laura she'll have everyone knitting & tweeting in no time. Which is fine, especially since there are way cool people in addition to Laura who are dead and could add a lot to Twitter (I'm talking to you, Sir Winston.) Not to mention to Artwiculate (Heller, Heinlein, Kesey...) Laura may be drinking Martinis with these guys right now & explaining to them the 140-character thing. (Oscar goes Wilde about it). And how to RT. Which is great for them - they're with Laura, ergo, in good company. But here at the Salon & Bar Twiculate, we miss her. Mix us a huge pitcher, BartWender. We want to drown in it. And tweet airline tweets.


  1. Dear @Krafti_Kit - I had no idea you were so ill. What a shock it was to hear that you'd be with us no more. When I tweet and when I crochet, I'll think of you. Squawk.

  2. Dear Laura,
    The artwiculate spirit never dies

  3. Bon voyage, Laura. Thanks for playing with us, it was fun having you around.

  4. Sad news that she is no longer with us but how wonderful that she left a legacy of memories and will be missed. What is truly tragic is when people die and no one notices they've gone. I'm glad that can't be said of Laura

  5. Dear Laura,

    Chris & I will miss you, as will all the Artwiculati. I had no idea that while you were hanging out with us at the den of lexicon-crack, you were fighting a gargantuan battle against your illness. I hope the time you spent with us made you laugh and touched your life because you certainly touched ours.


  6. So sad! I'd no idea either. Travel well, Laura.

  7. Water is coming out of my eyes. And won't stop. I know it's not supposed to - not for someone "I don't know". But those who suppose so are wrong. Because it's right to be so, so sad you're gone.

  8. Dear Laura, we never met in person, which makes that I will still be looking for your artwiculate tweets.
    Thanks to you (and you being Wanda's hostess only 3 months ago) I found Arturo Pérez Reverte. May his poet Quevedo compose verses for and with you between sword fights, flirtations, and bottles of wine.

  9. Dear Laura,

    I am no good at goodbyes…

    Thank you for playing with me.


  10. Dear Laura,

    What a shining light
    Her presence with us always
    With each skyward glance

    One of my first artwiculate friends. I will carry you in my heart.

    Krafti_kit Airlines: Always first class.

    David (dsceiorg)

  11. A shock to me too. Goodbye Laura, dear.

    no need to lionise ~ our dear friend Laura ~ you WERE a celebrity

    "I've just popped out" ~ "to get a ball of wool" ~ "to finish Oscar's scarf"

    the airline wings ~ are gone now, replaced ~ by angels wings

    TiddK waves and waves until the dot in the sky has disappeared and the vapour trails have long since faded into the blue.

  12. Birth and death are "mistery" to most humans. Instead of "death" I particularly prefer to name that event "a transition".
    If, after I experience my "transition" I find that there´s no "reincarnation",I assure you I will invent it and will return to this earth, living in a brand new body and so on.

    Life is a continuum. Life had never a beginning. Life will never end.

    "Nothing endures but change." (Heraclitus)

    Laura left her body.

  13. Dear Laura
    I'm so sorry.
    Goodbye for now.

  14. This is such a strange game. When someone's words reach into your heart you miss them when they're gone, but it's slightly surreal because you never know what happens to them. I'm very sad to learn this news and in some ways wish that Laura had just flown away on a holiday, but then maybe that's just what she has done. Perhaps we will actually meet in another life. Bon voyage!


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