Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update: Wanda in Dallas

On her travels to Artwiculati around the globe Wanda has been to Laguna Beach, Tijuana, Portland, San Jose and Austin.
She now visits @Amanuel187 in Dallas, Texas, and he takes her to the Museum of Nature and Science.
Tom, Bartwender's Cat, does the singing report as usual.


  1. What a great place? I grew up in Dallas and I used to go to that museum every year during the State Fair of Texas. Ah, memories. I'm glad Wanda got to visit it.

    Great photos Amanuel! Good job.

  2. I've never been to Dallas. I'm so jealous of Wanda.

  3. What a well-traveled bear! (In Oz English we'd spell that travelled, sigh.) I love the glimpse of the relatives!

  4. PS I love Tom's singing voice. It really carries the clip.

  5. Swinging through Dallas on the way... my new song of the day... almost makes me want to put on my CowBoy Boots :~)

    Looks like Wanda got to meet some long lost cousins...hey they were stuffed just like her

    can't wait to see where Wanda will be next

    The wonders Wanda sees
    the Lust for life
    I see now in her eyes...
    Oh Wanda... keep wandering in the wonders
    and don't return home
    let us live your travels through you

  6. I was going to put out an APB for a Missing Person ("Lost, one well-travelled, not yet world-weary bear, answers to the name of Wanda...") - I'm so glad she has turned up safe and sound!

    Well, looking at those dinosaurs, elephants and polar bears, perhaps "safe" is a relative term .. especially applied to the polar bears ROFLWMSWLITAAHFAF

    Love the song! (YEE HAW)

    "dinosaur" Wanda ~ wanders through the Jurassic ~ lost in space and time . #haiku

  7. When Wanda comes to Europe, perhaps she'll get to visit the sites of the Texas Legations in Paris and London.

    Just a suggestion!

  8. PS: Love the video and especially the pic of Wanda encurled by the Mammoth's trunk.

    ('Encurled' is a nonce word ... I just nonced it. Hint for Artwiculate. :-) )


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