Thursday, August 19, 2010

An Innocuous Long Island Ice Tea

Even if the weather isn't right where you are right now,
in our virtual bar it's always perfect!

With love from
The Supercargo.

PS: Not sure anyone can read that now I look at it on the screen ... and I forgot the Cola! Here it is again (with correct spelling of 'recipes' too).

Relative proportions for a Long Island Iced Tea

1:Triple Sec (some recipes double this, some leave it out)
2:White rum
2:Lemon juice (some recipes halve this, some replace with Sweet and sour mix)
Fine powdered (icing) sugar

Fill a tall glass half full of ice. Add all the ingredients. Stir. Garnish with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.


  1. Fantastic! At last I have a recipe to use my garden mint with, thank you so much Supercargo - you're my hero!

  2. If you want to use up a lot of mint, Schnicka, you'd do better with a mojito.

    But very pleased - as ever - to be someone's hero ...

  3. Oh yes now this is a tea ms beez would very much appreciate and love to join you with sip by sip ! Lovely vodka yes tis a favored spirit of the beez hmm tequila white rum very nice oooh splash of gin not too much can have a emotional affect they say on some cola sweet... lemon touch to sour treat then what is this ah fine powdered sugar well beez likes sweets and for the aesthetics a wee sprig of mint oooooh shaking it No just stir you say .....well thankq super duper fine I say lovely recipe to try on a warm sunny day. buzzzz :)

  4. Wonderful. Beautiful people around. I will take the lemon juice. No sugar, please. Side order: Perrier.
    Now I will watch the conversation.

  5. The only Ice Tea I drink! Thank you, John!


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