Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update: Wanda in Texas

Wanda is having a field day with Marcos in the Lone Star State.
She gets a grand tour of the Capitol building in Austin, and a VIP peek into the Holy of Holies of Texan democracy.
Tom, BartWender's cat, did a song and dance about it.

And this is only part one. Stay tuned for more. Mucho more!
She may not want to leave…


  1. Yep, I took Wanda to work on Friday and on a visit to the Capitol. We sneaked (not really I have a badge) in the back thru a tunnel that connects my office with the Capitol. She didn't have to undergo that humiliating pat down that the Department of Public Safety officers would have put her thru. Then I gave her a tour of the place as an insider.

  2. Wanda, chérie, if you were not so darn cute I'd scratch your eyes out for having *my* Tom serenade you! I suppose I forgive you. Or, may consider forgiving you if you visit me in Malta. Can you tell your people to contact me? Oh, and Tom is welcome to join us... mmmm...

    Next to the Maxku Video (a classic!) this is the finest Salon Artwois video production! (Even if Americans have dorky songs). Elena thought so too. (Mario would kill Max if I showed him Maxku but he'll get to see this one. Tonight. Mmmm...)



    PS: Was that handsome fella at the end Marcos Arroyos? Oh, my.

  3. Wanda sure is havin' herself a fine ole time down in the Lone Star State. So much work must have gone into putting that video together. Well done to all concerned and hugs to Wanda, Marcos and Tom

  4. Wait! A pat down? Where? When? Marcos, if I visit can you make sure I get one of those (humiliating) ones? I'll make it easy on them & eschew undergarments that day.

    I did not know they had pat downs in buildings in America! In Malta we get them only in buses.

  5. Awawawaw... she looks SO happy! If I knew her travels were going to be one upstage effort after another I'd have taken her to Hollywood & surfing in Malibu! Oh, well, She said she will come back to California after Australia.

    Nancy, Wanda's people are adding you in her European itinerary!

  6. This is such an amazing thing to do - getting everyone's own take on where they live... thanks for all the hard work that's gone into it so far.

    When's Wanda coming our way ?

  7. Oh dear Wanda, after that I am positively drawling!
    You're one plucky bear, trusting all these tweeps to take proper care of you, but I did spot the Jack Daniels so I know you're in good hands, yet again!!!!

    Breton cider is amazing.
    When are you coming over?

  8. WOW! what a great video! singing cats and all, I better start training the dog I suppose. Thanks Marcos for showing us a bit of Texas, do you have cactii and tumble weeds too? I can send you some tumble weeds if you've run out. You are a very lucky bear Wanda. :-)

  9. I can't wait! I can't wait! When is Wanda coming? Oh do say soon!! I have plans for that little bear :-)

    While in Texas has she seen the Wandamo? Wanda Crockett and all that? (I thought that song was Dolly Pwarton but clearly not).

  10. Good ol' Wanda,looks like you had bal.
    I'd go galloping over to Texas if I could too.

    I hope you didn't have to drink too much Jack Daniels to get that hat.

    As my friends in Brittany above have said, when are you coming to see us?

    Cider has its virtues, but I have some homemade hooch that would get us partying in no time at all.

    Add a few crêpes flambées and we could have some fun...


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