Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Update: Wanda in Texas II

Not too many bears have visited the Texas State Chambers. Leave it to Marcos to take Wanda on a Grand Tour.
Of course Tom, BartWender's cat, felt it needed some Good Ole Southern Karaoke, so turn up the volume, and sing along!

Maybe you should read the book first, before watching the movie. @marcosarroyos wrote:

Wanda signed in as a visitor, then we went to my office. After a few minutes I said, "Let's sneak out of here and go look around." She said, "Yeah, I've never been to Texas before. So we went outside and walked around the grounds. She wanted to sit on a cannon and see what it was like. I helped her up there, but she didn't see what all the fuss was about. "Why do they always have cannons at places like this?" she asked. I really didn't know unless it has to do with phallic contests, but I didn't tell her that. She sat on a bench to catch her breath for a little bit. She thought the Capitol was very pretty, and it is. In fact, it's taller than the one in Washington, DC. We take pride in that here in Texas.

I explained to Wanda that the Texas Capitol is the only Capitol that faces south. It faces that way, so that the Yankees (this is a Civil War and current term) can kiss our ass. Wanda laughed about that a lot.

We saw the rotunda where I took her photo sitting in the center which commemorates the Republic of Texas. Later we went upstairs to see the Senate Chambers. She looked around and said, "Nice place, but so much bad goes on here, I can tell." She's right. They say you don't want to watch sausage being made or watch the Texas Legislature at work. They're both pretty nasty. She took a seat in the back under some photos of recent Senators, but wasn't impressed.

We went down the elevator and ran into a lady I work with named Cheryl. I introduced them. Wanda liked Cheryl and asked for a photo. Before we sneaked back to my office, Wanda wanted to get her picture taken with a bust. No, not that kind of bust, a copper statue thing, you know. Anyway, she picked out this guy with glasses that was a Senator in the Texas Legislature for like 40 years. I told her that lots of dirty money probably crossed his palm.

After work we went home in rush hour traffic. We got home and met Zoe a little girl that Mrs. Arroyos was babysitting for the evening. We all went out to Que Pasa for some great Mexican Food as only you can get it in Texas. Don't tell anyone, but the Mexican food is better in Texas than it is in Mexico. I know, I've had both many times.


  1. More great pictures made into a very professional video. Many thanks to all concerned. You can see Wanda is having the time of her life

  2. Awesome. You're going to be a very hard act to follow Marcos! Who's hosting Wanda next - Betty Ford?

    I do love seeing all these pictures and reading all these adventures. I've already told people round here about Wanda - they can't wait to meet her! "You'll have to" I told them.

  3. TEARS rolling down my face... sorry Wanda, but when Tom comes on the screen he steals the show! Except for when when you're with Zoe (those eyes!)What an awesome time she had again with Marcos too!

    No wonder I've not owned a TV for 13 years: none of the stuff on it is as good as this!

    Tidd, the coolest thing about Wanda is that she doesn't disappoint! Everyone you've told about her will only be even more impressed when they meet her!

  4. Wanda is a very lucky bear getting to go behind the scenes in Texas. And Tom the sing-along alley cat has a great singing voice. Sort of.

  5. What a great video! Hey, all I did was take the pictures. Tom's owner (?) is the one that put it all together. Great job.

  6. Way to go Wanda... Look like Zoe wasn't too sure if she wanted to let you go
    I love your suitcase... can't wait to see where you're off to next :~)
    keep us posted

  7. Mmmmm... I watched the video in bed. On the wall across from me is a Matisse lithograph. I thought the video so good, it reminded me of Matisse's words: "I have always tried to hide my efforts and wished my works to have the light joyousness of springtime which never lets anyone suspect the labors it has cost me."

    That handsome Marcos fella sure went into a lot of trouble to entertain Wanda as befits a lady and the video production guy pulled a Matisse on us.

    Tom. Tom. Tom. It's official. I've a crush on a cat.


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