Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wanda in Tijuana

Left: "Here I am introducing Wanda to the redheads, blondes, and brunettes at the Tequila Bar & Grille.
She's a great sidekick, because the ladies just threw themselves at me. I think they all got jealous of her. Ha, ha, I love it!"
Right: "Here's one brunette who didn't feel threatened by Wanda.
She wanted to keep her, but I explained the law on kidnapping in Mexico are harsh due to all the kidnappings they've had lately.
No problem after that."


  1. I was just talking today about Wanda to a friend of mine explaining how much more popular I was when accompanied by Wanda so I've no doubt that Max benefited from her charisma as well. Knowing Wanda, she probably told him which ladies *she* approved of too & made him graciously dismiss the riff-raff.

    Awaawaw... look at that pretty brunette girl with Wanda! I'm sure Wanda approved of her w/ Max - she looks fun yet sweet!

    I'm telling you, Max, you will SO miss her when she's gone :-(

    Till then, enjoy!

  2. My guess: "Max" will not let Wanda go.
    he he he
    he he he
    he he he
    he he he

    Behave children!

  3. She may not be a redhead, but her dress and her eyes sure make up for that!


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