Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Wanda Erlust Chronicles

***Click on the photo to read all about Wanda's first day of her "Around The World In 365 Days" trip!

Meet Wanda, everyone! Wanda is a gypsy, philosopher, troubadour! She just started visiting Silia in Southern California for a couple of weeks & then she's off to see the world!

She wants to flirt with MaxRaunchiness in Tijuana and talk Kafka late into the night while drinking Gimlets with MarcosArroyos! Party with StarOfSavannah, ultracutebot & coinopratdchris, have pn8r to show her the stars, dsceiorg cook for her & Aaron paint her portrait & sing for her! If they'll have her, that is. And then, who knows? Hunt down Harrarp (wherever he roams) and play a game of Go with him (she's been practicing) and then head off to party with Lagadu123, Tralala56, EmmaExpress & Kado56? Finally meet lithiumzombie's goldfish! (OK, Daniel too, she says.) Mmmmmmm... meet MaltaGoddess! (So much fun to be had with Nancy, so little time. *Sigh*.) Jaunt over the Channel for tea with TiddK & GardenComet? Visit TheSuperCargo & guest-star in his daily wrap-up show? Meet up with Igor and drop in on dmriver down under? Ditch Igor at David's and talk JonPowles into cooking for her? (She reaaaaaaaaaaaaally wants him to compose something just for her!) Meet her heroine MazPowles? Meet Squawkingalah's galahs and dance to "Hotel California" with mwartwiculate??? Maybe OsmarJardim may want her to visit in Brazil? Have sushi with Tama001 & agezoko in Japan? See a monsoon wedding or two or three or twenty three with NavinSasikumar, Prashanthm18 & Asim7Asim, Nimue_, DrChavi and...? It's a small world, after all & she wants to live it all! And what about Fatal_Romantic, Faisal___, TinaNguyen, californiakara, minibtweet, twordbird, ysabeluna, davecurry, maryjenkins, ZimmerJohn, DrMobs, GoldenSkye, FogOJones, Eridanus, ChrisDetar, LBY3, Kings_Indian, LunaJune, Wifsie, bwlighting, Mirridun, Anamuk, CelticGladiator, GbayUgurl, Amanuel187, Krafti_Kit, Silverne, Jneen8, Quatfest_Haiku, StephCat716, Nickpbonwick, BurningHawk1969, baccatum, tGunnars, LorcanDesperado? And DrJillZ, K_Geddings, AJeanne, Ecclestoned, PranavMukul, InVinceWil, SnowAndStars, GraffitiPoet, ariandalen, hfeagea, beezknez, lawyergirl3, yearningford_sky, urbanascetic, minibwilson, LStephenCleary, Slave_To_Coffee, lexiconhead, honeygloom, DonnaFaz, Yupius, storygirl08, Schnicka & DarkHaikuMoon?

ONE guess whose idea was this! Nope. Wrong! It is... dmriver's! Oh, yes! It all started a couple of weeks ago with a few DMs that went like this:

"Silia I've had an idea that might be silly, but I quite like. We could have an artwiculate bear (teddy bear) that travels between artwits and get's photographed where people live, could have a series at the Salon? Would that be fun? Probably have a log book to travel too where people enter messages, what do you think?"

ONE guess what Silia thought! Yeap. You're right! From then on it's been a team effort to outfit Wanda (bohemian chic), help her pack (that's her suitcase in the picture) & get her trip started in California.

Here's in David's words his vision for Wanda's circumambulating:

Bear Manifesto (David's rough notes, when finalised these will be in the cover of Wanda's travel log)

1. Treat Wanda well, she has travelled far and has a long way to go.

2. Wanda will travel around any artwiculators that would like a visit within a country before she moves on to another country (she doesn't want anyone to feel left out).

3. Whoever agrees to a visit is then responsible for sending her on to the next person.

4. Send Wanda on as soon as possible, probably 5 days maximum stay. (Her first stay with Silia is longer because they're getting her ready for her trip).

5. Postal addresses must be kept confidential (not passed on to anyone for any reason).

6. Take one or more photos or a video of Wanda somewhere that is important to you and send it to the Salon with a description of where she is. Local icons would be good, or a day in the life of artwiculato X.

7. Wanda's travel log book must be filled in: date, name/twitter name, location (but not your address), WOTD for that date, your own favourite entry to artwiculate for the day, personal messages to the rest of the crowd. Please keep it clean, this is a teddy bear remember, children will want to see in her logbook. (Editor's Note: He's talking to you, Max. ;-).

******If you want Wanda to visit you please say so in your comment to this post so we can begin scheduling her itinerary.

So who do you think named Wanda? ONE guess! Include it in your comment & we'll post the answer in a few days!


  1. Wanda must come to NYC. I see whole grilled fish in her future. Bears like fish, right?

  2. Oh, I only just realised (out of the Wanda-loop I guess) - this is a REAL teddy bear that's going to be physically journeying! What a GREAT idea.

    I'd appreciate a couple of days over the 5 if possible? (Disability, rural location, etc etc).

    The name has to be a toss-up between Silia and Max. I have to choose one, right? Then as Silia has asked us to guess, my intuition is that it can't be her, so I'm guessing Max ;-)

  3. Like the sisterhood of the travelling pants :)
    I love it :)
    my friend has a little stone bear that has travelled the world.. she has her own photoalbum of her all over...
    Wanda Erlust wanders the world, shining and singing her song, from poet to poet.. and don't you just know it... she'll become a star :)

  4. Amazing idea! I just tweeted: 'this is the Artwiculatehood of the Jetsetting Wanda!' (see "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants"). I'm game. I live outside NYCity. David, you could send her here after your visit.
    What fun!
    Maryse aka @wifsie

  5. Maybe a Stoned Soul Picnic in the Lowlands for Wanda?
    She's welcome. And I'll have an excuse to say Bear With Me.
    The origins of her name? Short for Wanday I'll Fly Away?

  6. Wanda is welcome in Curitiba Brazil.
    Maybe OsmarJardim may want her to visit in Brazil?
    Shall I email ground address?

  7. I'd love to have Wanda visit me in Pennsylvania and gain in Louisiana after I've relocated. I can't wait to hear more of Wanda's stories! As for her name, I think Silia named her for Wanda's wanderlust. :-)

  8. Oops... that should have read "and again in Louisiana..."

  9. Great idea, guys! If she comes here, I'll show her around town. And I shall introduce her to my goldfish of course, he's already very excited! :-)

  10. I'll take her as well! I too think Silia named her as well.

  11. GraffitiPoet in Canada wants her too! Like ASAP! (He tweeted to me). He says he'll take Wanda dancing! (I think she swooned over that a bit, I mean, she's a girl - what girl doesn't love to be taken dancing by a dashing gent???)

    Daniel - you made her day! She's asking if you'll take her dancing too (pretty please)? And she wants to meet Nick - can you all go out for Greek food (she's asking). Wants a kiss from your goldfish too. Or two. OK, lots. She loves kisses. She has an eminently kissable nose.

    Whatever a Stoned Soul Picnic in the Lowlands is, she's all over it! It sounds so Boho-Chic - totally her! Can you bring your guitar too and sing? She says she makes AWESOME sandwiches if you want her to cook for you :-) Are there any boites where you live? With music? And like, you know, slow dancing? (She's blushing).

    Love, hugs & body shots, Savannah! She wants to definitely visit you ASAP and then she says maybe we can ALL get together in Baton Rouge when I came visit you too? And eat our way through the city???

    Osmar... Wanda was soooooooooo hoping you'd want her - yay!!! Can you take a trip to the beach too she asks? And she wants to slow dance with you & meet your family & go to a churascaria (sp?) and drink caipirinhas and eat Guarana ice cream!!!

    Maryse & David - yay!!! Wanda wants to wake up in a city that never sleeps! Can you take her to ABC Carpet & Home? David, Wanda wants you to know you're definitely slow-dancing with her! The menu sounds divine! Can you make her your peach trifle for desert? Maryse, Wanda wants to meet your husband too!

    June - Wanda knows you will SO have a blast together!!! She wants to wander aimlessly in funky little neighborhoods and lose yourselves in bookstores & stay up late talking - FUN girl stuff!

    Tidd - yaaay! Two days is perfect! She'd rather you want her to come back soon than overextend her welcome! Can you go for a proper English Tea thing? With the scones & the cream & the whole (Devonshire) enchilada??? You know, like those long lazy afternoons Saki wrote about! Please??? (She says :-)

    She's soooooo excited!!!

  12. Silia you are amazing!! Oh and Wanda too :-)

    Helloooo Wanda!! If you make it this far I will show you the Murrumbidgee and the billabong, maybe take you for a ride on my bike. Show you dust and drought, although perhaps you could bring me flooding rain. cheers David

  13. ABC Carpet and Home? Sure and more. I can gladly send her onto Maryse. Of course we could gather the NYC area artwiculati for a party for her.

  14. Oh, I didn't mean Wanda would be here just 2 days!!! I meant 2 days over the 5, i.e. 7, to give me more time to get to a post office, er, I mean Paddington Station, um, I mean Bearthrow Airport, to wave her off to her next destination.

    And of COURSE she shall have Devon Tea .. with scones, jam, clotted cream, and buckets & buckets of jasmine tea. Yes, I know jasmine tea isn't Devon, but I'm sure she will LOVE it!

    (And reassure her that Bearthrow should not be taken literally :D )

  15. What a great idea!

    I wonder where I should take Wanda!! meow

  16. Wanda is welcome to come here to Minnesota. I know she would love to see White Bear Lake, it's very close by!

  17. The Murrimbi-thingy certainly sounds exotic David, so definitely in - what's a billabong she asks? If you go bike rinding can you not break a clavicle again? (she says) But while not breaking a clavicle can you still show off with cool bike tricks??? Dust & drought sound like fun IF followed by ice-cold beer, Wanda points out. She's got traveling runes w/ her - she'll ask Laguz to bring you rain for sure!

    A NYC party in Wanda's honor, David S.??? Really, you shouldn't... but OK!!! (*yay!*) She wants take out-Chinese too one night if that's OK :-)

    Oh.... 7 days! Alrighty then, Tidd! Even better!!! (She was trying to be gracious about not wanted as long so THIS misunderstanding made her day! Yay!) She's been taking Kung Fu for years so Bearthrow doesn't intimidate her... Can you also have those cute little watercress sandwiches too with the tea???

    Tama, she wants to visit a traditional incense factory and eat tofu daily (she's a vegetarian - no red meat or poultry, obviously LOVES sushi!) -she won't touch tofu in the States but heard that Japanese tofu is heaven! Wants you to bake for her too! Can she experience a traditional tea ceremony? Maybe visit the Go Headquarters, watch a game? Definitely shopping in Ginza! If possible, she'd love to visit one those really old country inns too. She's an avid gardener so she'd love to see some gardens with bridges and things. And NO MATTER WHAT she MUST buy Shu Uemura bath towels (will NOT use any other towels at her house and they're only sold in Japan. Her Sushi guy used to get his brother in Tokyo to send them to her). Wanda knows you'll plan awesome stuff for her... she really wants to see Japan as if she lived there... oh, oh, oh... wants to hang out at those tiny neighborhood bars that sit like 5 people and you buy your bottle they keep for you there! Maybe go out for Italian one night & talk about your dream trip to Italy? Or cook at your house and watch an Italian movie?

    Wanda's always wanted to visit Minnesota, Tina, and thinks your daughter should pick at least one of the things you do together!

    Do you have a telescope-thingy, Paul? She wants to do the whole star-gazing thing!

    She's reading now. Had a quiet day by the pool lazying about... Too busy for the beach today (BIG holiday weekend here, lots of tourists) but she can't wait to go :-)

  18. David M, Wanda says to tell you she's also DEFINITELY going dancing with you too (she knows you'll ask her), wants to see your Chippendale moves!

  19. Du är so mycket välkommen in Sverige, Wanda! (You are so very welcome to Sweden!)

    The summer months are the absolute best time of the year here (so long as it doesn't rain - but maybe you can take some of that with you down under to Murrumbidgee). We might go out to the islands or into the forest, or we might stroll down the Avenue and just look at the people. If you're here earlier, we can stay up and watch the (almost) midnight sun. If you're here later, maybe we can fix a crayfish party. It all depends.

    Let me know when you're coming and I'll set something up. (And, of course, you can help me make a round-up too!)

    Send Silia my love and tell her she's brilliant. (And David M - this is what happened when I said "Wouldn't it be nice if..." and we ended up with SalonArtwois :) )

  20. From Wanda: OMG!!! Sweden!!! Yes!Islands for sure, please!!! Crayfish party? I love partys! Midnight sun... @pn8r will be soooooooooo jealous!

    We'll put my itinerary together this weeks after everyone's had a chance to let me know if they want me to visit :-)

    Silia thanks you for the compliment and says that it's easy to be brilliant when others have genius ideas and all she has to say is "sure, let's do it!" Oh, wait, that's not all she does. She adds "Ra, Ra!" ;-)

  21. Hi Silia!!

    I'd love to have Wanda come & visit. I'm in CA, near SF... so if she wants to visit here, it's not that far from you in Southern CA (right?).

    Great idea!!!

  22. Oh, my lovely Wanda, yes, I'd love for you to visit me in Tijuana. We can get in a lot of snuggle time, if you get my drift. TJ is just like LA, except it's legal in TJ and it's not in LA.

  23. Wanda's welcome at the
    Jones's place anytime! :-D

  24. I think Daniël named her.

  25. I'd love Wanda to visit me too. A bear named Wanda meets fish. ;) I could introduce her to my bears as well. I might even take her to Southend for a ride on the Big (Ferris) Wheel

  26. I've just seen how TINY Wanda is. She is too too adorable

  27. Great idea..Wanda, can't wait to meet you and I promise to be exceptionally gallant.

  28. Brilliant! I mean, bear-lliant. :P

  29. How bear-y wonderful (or would that be WANDA-full?)! :)

    Wanda, you're well-named: Both for your travels-to-be, & for all of the lust already being heaped upon you (not to mention that it seems you'll be sleeping around a lot [which you seem rather young for])! ;)

    My muse has been amusing me with ideas, already, to multiply our bear-maven's marvelous movements & people-participation's: How about a digital-doppelganger for our dear bear? (Perhaps we could name him/her "Juan DerLust" or "Perry Grin8or" "Two Ring" "Trekk Ing" or something? ... or simply "Wanda Lust" [as in lusting for the real wandering-Wanda Erlust]? - We could always take a poll?).

    Wanda's doppelganger would be a life-sized photo of her which the artwiculati could download/copy/print out on their home computers, paste to some cardboard & cut out. Then everyone could pose him/her in various places in their personal locales (&/or wherever THEY may travel to) whilst Wanda-herself is elsewhere visiting Artwiculate-family, in fur-son (in person).

    We might consider adding in a bit of an extra game/mystery aspect to Wanda's doppel-bear by submitting the photos to the Salon Artwois hosts, but having them post them sans-player-names, so that we'd have to guess/match-up which players sent the photos (&/or guess the general location/country/city or place/landmark/item, etc. in a particular photo).

    So, basically (to summarize): As Wanda Erlust makes her lengthy & exciting worldwide personal visits to individual Artwiculate members/families, a multitude of her other fans could simultaneously participate in the fun (in a slightly-different way) with her doppel-bear.

    Just a thought. Had to post it, or my muse would'a drove me nuts nudging me about it (you-all KNOW how annoying they can be, at times LOL)!


  30. Wanda is very much welcome to visit, let's see if I can photograph her with the sheriff or may be Robin :-)


  31. Hey Silia :-)

    This is a wonderful Idea and the collage looks very good :-)& the bear looks cute :-)

    Can the bear come to Bengaluru?

    I may teach some Hindi, Kannada or Konkani (My mother toungue) :-) or have some traditional south Indian food :-)

    or go out for a party in Bengaluru :P [If it is allowed though ;-)]

    Exciting to host the bear at my city :-)



  32. Great idea Birdie, or is that your muse we should be patting on the back, would be nice to have a muse like yours!!!

    Maybe you could get a picture of Wanda from Silia and show us how it is done (although obviously you won't be able to do the mystery part of it, cos we'll know its from you, but then again, we don't actually know a whole lot about your Birdiness so there will still be a fair pinch of mystery).

    cheers David

  33. There's an ABC Carpet in the Bronx. My husband and I could take her there. She can help us choose new chairs. Her advice would be welcome. She can meet Hip Hop too, our pet frog. And we have many, many friends for her here: stuffed bears, frogs, cats, etc. She won't feel lonely.
    Where's her first stop??

  34. I would love it if we could all get together in Baton Rouge and eat our way through the city, Silia! I think it would be perfect!

  35. Thanks, David (...definitely my muse - tho she's been AWOL a lot, otherwise, lately lol). :) Yep - always a pinch of mystery, still, nonetheless, aye? ;)

    DO send some Wanda-photos for doppelganger-making, Silia, pls!


  36. Would Wanda want to come visit the Bean in Chicago?


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