Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's boogie, Navin!

What better way to celebrate your birthday, Navin, than... (OK, after love. After hugs too. Yes, after body shots also. Yeap, after that too...) got it, dancing!!! Let David @dmriver lead the way, baaaaaaaaaaaaaby!!! I, Silia, will follow! Let's boogie-woogie, David! C'mon, Navin... join us! Conga line anyone???


  1. Ooooh, I wanna do the boogie-woogie with you-two, now! Play that funky music, white-folks (-with-the-fro's lol)! GET DOWN!!!

    Oh, that is TOO good. I'm gonna have to watch that one multiple times. Groooooovy.

    I'm first in line for the Conga (just put me behind David's cute buns ...unless Navin shows up, first (since he's not married AND is the birthday boy). Wait, if Navin shows up, I'll let him follow ME (you know ...little birthday gift: he can look at my calli-pigeon tail-feathers lol)! ;)

    Dance the Day away, Navin - we're celebrating big, 'cause we're celebrating YOU (this is NO time to get churlish, that's for sure)! :) HUGS!!


  2. C'mon, shake your body Birdie, do the conga / I know you can't control yourself any longer!

  3. Shake!!! shake!! shake!!
    C'mon everybody!
    Happy birthday Navin

    Let's dance.

    He he he

  4. Gawd that looked exhausting! Bags I the comfy armchair. We'll just watch from here, what say you, Navin? It's YOUR party and you can lounge if you want to...

  5. Happy birthday, Navin! What a way to boogie down...

  6. Belated Birthay greetings, Navin!
    I'm missing your puns.
    Have a great summer (and boogie on down).


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