Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy birthday, Katy!

The party of the year is here! It's Katy's @Kado56's birthday today and we're painting every hemisphere green in honor of the beguiling lass from the land of Keats! It's open bar all day & all night long at the Salon and we've stocked up on Irish whiskey so we can all tie one on! And later on there will be not one, but two screenings of never before seen performances exclusively for - and by (!) - Katy so grab a drink and stay tuned in - these are two shows you shan't want to miss! Let the love, hugs and body shots begin!


  1. Dearest Katy:

    I don't know how. Nor does the how matter. Leave it to the Gods - they're so much better at figuring things out. Tis yours to only wish the what. However improbable, nothing is ever impossible. I wish you your most improbable and cherished wishes to come true, Katy. I wish for life's magic to shock you with your dreams coming true, with greater ease and speed than you've ever imagined. I wish for you to read this one day again soon, and laugh and marvel.

    With more love than is probable from "a stranger",


  2. Most happy birthday / May the year bring surprises / Beyond Happiness from @dsceiorg

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  4. Many congratulations for another successful trip around the sun. May YOUR day be filled with love light, laughter and so many smiles your cheeks hurt!

    @Slave_To_Coffee (forgot to leave a moniker last time)

  5. To Katy

    Words that wrench and tug,
    magic of shards and sleight.
    Lacing your tweets, this drug,
    holding our breath and wait.

    Quick hands, though we look,
    sleeves hiding the Igor rogue.
    Wits fierce, meet no brook,
    ribbon-tied strand of brogue.

    Your slithy tove menagerie,
    Harbinger brows like thunder.
    Your bird swooping poetry,
    leave us gasping in wonder.

    Mind wierd and wonderful,
    such glorious imagining to life.
    Showing all that is possible,
    with daring and a sharp knife.

    Many happy returns for today,
    your skies be sunny and blue.
    Joy with family, friends all the way,
    dear Katy, Happy Birthday to you.

    cheers David @dmriver

  6. Happy Birthday Katy. May the year to come bring you the courage of your convictions, may sunshine bore through the monotony of life, may you find inner peace and new challenges.

    Lots of love, hugs and kisses

  7. Happy birthday, Katy!!

    Hope this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.


  8. Long live the Improbable, the Poets, the Great Livers of Life (yes, organs too), the Disreputable, the Shambolic, the Misunderstood, the Inspired, Unconventional, Romantic,Prolific, Lyric, Articulate... yes, YOU GUYS. Thank you for a wonderful Birthday.

  9. We're just getting this party started, Katy! BartWender,this drinking out of glasses is boring me - may I have a bottle of whiskey, please? Merci! Oh, yes, ladies can indeed swig. Drink most men under the table, too. BartWender, a bottle for Katy, please too!

  10. Katy, it took hours, no DAYS, but I finally managed to persuade him. I had to turn on all my charm and flutter my eyelashes at him. Even then, I suspect it was the folded £50 note surreptitiously palmed his way that did it. But he finally agreed!

    So... don't say a word, don't act surprised, just smile and thank him ...when your birthday drink is served to you by Harbinger, wearing your finest ballroom gown.

    It's a birthday you (and he) will never forget!
    (the captcha I have to type is "connohol" ... reminiscent of a drunk Irish ... how appropriate!)

  11. Happy Birthday Katy! May the world and artwiculatis bring you joys everyday, with words, memories, intentions and things.

  12. May your day be¨"filled" with joyous "emissions." And, if you can find it in your heart, may I be the one to do it!

  13. As pre-arranged a ballgowned butler served me a drink
    Igor arranged a car bomb - that really blew me away
    Silia revisited my past via Miranda
    Harry tried to pre-empt everyone on the drinks front but the Greek amphora always want an encora
    An octopus ate my cake
    I played strip poker and didn't blush. Everyone else fainted
    I danced on tables, had a smashming time.

    Thank you all
    BEst Birthday ever


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