Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo: Happy Birthday Silia!

A Stars On Ice Special: Artwiculati performing for you.

Well, two of us, the lovely TiddK and the graceful Jonathan,  are performing. The rest of us are at the bar cheering and sending you all the best wishes!
Χρόνια Πολλά, Σίλια, και μπορεί όλες τις επιθυμίες σας πραγματικότητα!

As BarTwender is out of town, why don't you all help yourselves? Think Ouzo, think retsina, think raki or tzigoudia!
And of course there are plenty of Mezedopoleíon, Kolokythoanthoi, Dolmades and Spanakopita to celebrate the Birthday of our Artwiculate Queen!


  1. Happy birthday Silia! I'd have posted this to catch your post-midnight first birthday flush, but I was still dizzy from that twirl!

    I'm just settling down to my breakfast retsina (with an Ouzo chaser of course) and toasting you, our dear Artwiculate Queen :-)

    Breakfast? Oh, it MUST be that perfect delicacy (ok, the Greeks didn't invent it but it's SO DELICIOUS SO ADDICTIVE!) : μπακλαβάς (baklava).

    Have a wonderful day Silia, and we will think of you, and you will think of us, and we will all be a huge happy global family celebrating together. Hugs.

  2. Happy birthday Silia! And TiddK & Jon, you look fantastic!


    We watch across the tapestry
    Your footsteps weave
    Penelope of Antiquity
    And nothing leave
    To Fate that can't be aided
    By hand or heart
    Both used, discreet and fierce,
    Set you apart.
    Spill out rubies of wisdom
    Pull soulthreads fast
    Embroider our sleeves with lovewords
    Enchantment cast
    Avenging angel, Warrior
    Queen and Friend
    Knot our lives in colour
    No horizon end.

  4. Happy birthday SJHatzi !!

    ♫♫Happy birthday to you, ♫happy birthday to you, ♫Happy birthday, dear "Silia", ♫Happy birthday to you♫♫ meow, meow

    birthday cake

  5. To Silia

    One day the world did waken,
    nothing foretold of this or warn.
    No tremor, but all were shaken,
    a warrior goddess was born.

    Standing shoulder to shoulder,
    a willing heart to share.
    Her blazing fire never colder,
    with truth and love and care.

    Fleeting time zone and space,
    awake when all would sleep.
    Guiding with strength and grace,
    her promise always keep.

    She melts us to our core,
    better moulding us remade.
    Our dues never asked for,
    could never be repaid.

    Guarding constellation of our night,
    if worries bury or hopes are slim.
    She lifts our spirits with delight,
    our star Silia will never dim.

    Happy Birthday and all the very best David

  6. Wow, after those poems, there's not much I can say...
    Have an absolutely fabulous day and take the time to enjoy it (I did!).
    Best wishes

  7. Hi Silia! I wish you the best birthday and chronia polla! May you continue to enrich our lives with your warm presence :-) XXX - blurb!

  8. Happy Birthday, Silia, and may you celebrate many, many more.

  9. Wishing you the very happiest of birthdays Silia. Thank you for making us all so welcome to Artwiculate. The wonderful atmosphere in this group is largely thanks to you. Let nobody bridle your enthusiasm or rein in your kind words - or we'll send Harry on his trusty white steed! XX Emma

  10. I am so looking forward to our night on the town. I hope it will also turn into a night on the mount - mount of Venus that is!

  11. How about an Italian Sunset?

  12. Dear BartWender:

    I woke up this morning (as in ante-meridian)to this video of such grace (Jon) and beauty (Tidd) and -admittedly- tears from laughter (Jon). What a tone laughter in the morning sets for one's day! (Yes I know, Max, morning love is a delightful alternative).

    Thank you Harry for making my day with the video and, of all the mezethes you could offer, I've no idea how you knew that kolokythoanthoi, dolmades and spanakopita are my favorite: my dejeuner of them I assure you was not petit. Drinking ouzo for breakfast reminded me of being on the islands in the summer in Greece! (Meaning, bliss).

    And of ALL the cakes Tama could have made for me, she made the one I've had each year since I wear 1 year old: with strawberries and Chantilly!

    I then went on to read Tidd's, Tracy's, Miranda's, Daniel's, John's & Emma's wishes; perhaps it's wrong to relish being fussed over and if that is the case I was very, very wrong today because I felt such happiness at all of it.

    Reading Katy's and David's poems made me cry. Happy crying. Thankful crying that human beings such as Katy & David think well enough of me to be inspired to write a poem for ME! Jon also tweeted to me a gem later on in the day. I do not know why the poems made me think of my dad & feel close to him but they did. Perhaps because I felt so understood by my dad and (despite it ;-) still adored. I felt this way again today. My dad is dead. To feel that playful, pure love again is... ineffable.

    To all the Gods and Goddesses; and, to the Unknown ones too: thank you for my friends. Thank you for a perfect day of love. And thank you -in advance- for hearing my three birthday wishes and helping them come true.



    PS: Dearest Max: I am getting ready for our night in the town as we speak! I've no doubt you can turn any excursion to a night on the mount - I'll be cheering you on! Aphrodite has told me to wait for true love but I'm certain we can find you a redhead or two - love, hugs & body shots!

  13. P.P.S Now I have to go look up what an Italian Sunset is! And, Katy? Let's have a REAL one! Venice? Sienna? Tuscany?

  14. Parabéns Silia. Muitas felicidades. Muitos anos de vida!
    Vamos comer bolo:


  15. A belated greeting for you Silia~ May this year beget all that youve ever wished for
    May love and luck be your constant companions and a smile bejewel your lips ..
    was away as my dad wasnt well so missed wishing you on your special day


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