Saturday, May 15, 2010

Almost ready for Savannah's Graduation Party at 2pm EST!

The outdoor courtyard at the Salon is set up and ready to go. Bar Twiculate is setting up al fresco as we're typing this, icing Prosecco for our signature Bellini drinks, served all day long at Savannah's @StarOfSavannah graduation party today! On the Menu today? Silia is making her caviar dip to savour with chilled champagne! Ever had French Fries topped with fresh shaved white truffles? Prepare your taste buds to die & wake up in Paradise! Miranda @Tralala56 is making a Swiss Chocolate Roll! And so much, much, more! See you at 2 pm Eastern Time, US! Admission to the party? You need to do a body shot!


  1. Happy Graduation Savannah Love and Light! AJ

  2. Thank you so much, Aaron!

    And I wanted to thank all of the Artwiculati for the beautiful flowers! I love them!


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