Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If Miranda won't go to the Folies Bergère ...

...the Follies - tralala - tralala - come to Miranda.


  1. That's hysterical. Katy I never knew you were so graceful :-D. Max I've alway hope you'd reveal your nether regions, this is not quite what I'd had in mind, if you get my drift... :-)
    Jon, those legs of yours are looking mighty fine!
    OK, admit it whose buttocks were those?
    Why didn't any of you do the splits?
    Such fun all of this....
    Thanks it's a very fine Birthday present, and thank you to the person who took the time to
    create the video. This is what I so love about this game...
    You've really made my day!

  2. You see, Miranda...
    We Artwiculati, we can can

    Have an uplifting day - like me. Ha Ha


  3. Oh well...if YOU don't know.....

  4. Ok, I recognise Harry Jon & Max - so that is Katy with the smile? And is that Emma with the riding hat and shades?

    Another masterpiece guys!

  5. just simply lovely
    a smile from ear to ear
    and a lovely bubble of giggle too


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