Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Tidd & Jane!

Let's get this party started! Our very own Bond girl @TiddK is having a birthday - Martinis, anyone? Jane @Lagadu123 thought she could get away with our not knowing it's her birthday (tsk, tsk, never undermine the oracular powers of the Artwiculati - we're in cahoots to party!) BartWender Harry is kidnapping and hauling her arse (the which we understand to mean derrière in Oz-speak) to re-parteeeeee! Official toast of the Artwiculati? Love, hugs & body shots! Happy birthday, Jane and Tidd! May the Muse be with you!
PS: Oh, yes. There is another surprise coming. Keep checking for Jane's and Tidd's exotic surprise...
*BartWender's Note: We had the Vodka waiting in the freezer for you, Tidd! Here's a triple with a lemon twist! Knickers down! I mean, bottoms up!


  1. Happy birthday Tidd! Happy birthday Jane! You don't know how pleased I am not to be apprearing as a Chippendale ... I mean, how pleased I am to wish you both another year of health, happiness and high-scoring killer-tweets!

    The word of the day is "Hip-hip-hooray". Mr Bond, prepare to party!

  2. Giiiiiiiiiiiiiiirls!!!

    PARTY! May this birthday exceed both your expectations in delight. Birthday wishes do come true. My wishes will be backing yours when you blow out your candles.



  3. Happy Birthday Tidd and Jane! I hope all of your wishes come true! I'm not trying to be brusque by making this short, but I have to up in a few hours. Have a great B-day, and eat a piece of cake for me. :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Jane and Tidd, hope you both have a wonderful day. May all your cakes and presents be large and full of cream. All the very best David

  5. Dearest Tidd of many parts -
    Crafty slinger of pies and darts -
    With Ludovic, Batman, Worm, you twirl -
    Not just Bond's, you're the Birthday Girl

  6. Dearest Jane, no Austen prim -
    Look at the steamy state you're in -
    A jungle jaunt, your Birthday tweet -
    Such dizzy heights, your joy complete!

  7. Three cheers for Tidd and Jane
    (For who?)
    For Jane and TidKid
    (Why what do they did?)
    I thought you knew
    They entertain us with tweeting!

    Three cheers for them!
    (För vem?)
    For them --
    And don't talk Swed
    -ish just for a rhyme!
    (Jag ber ursäkt -
    Oops! - it's just for effect.)

    I'm talking of Tidd and Jane
    (I'm sorry I keep forgetting.)

    Well Tidd was a bear of enormous brain,
    And likewise lagadu123 Jane.
    (Of enormous what?)
    Well, they tweeted a lot
    And I don't know if they ever met or not
    But they often articulate
    In this game called artwiculate
    And give us some fun
    things to think upun.

    And both their birthdays
    Fall on this happy day

    So now let's give them three hearty cheers!
    (So now let's give them three hearty whiches?)
    And hope they'll be with us for years and years
    And grow in health and wisdom and riches!

    Three cheers for Tidd!
    (Why what did she did?)
    Three cheers for Jane!
    (Just tell me again!)

    Three cheers for the wonderful Tidd and lagadu
    (Just tell me somebody, what did they do?)


    Happy birthday to you both, Tidd and Jane!
    (And deep apologies to A A Milne)

  8. I'm overwhelmed! No-one ever held a surprise party for me before (fights back a tear, then smiles w-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-d-e). :D

    I LOVE the hula "girls", oh so ... what's the word ... SILLY!! And what better than silly on my birthday :-)

    Oh, and happy birthday to you Jane - hugs. I hope the teens are rolling out the carpet for you.

    John and Katy - thank you so much for those poems, I love them. Gorgeous. And to all of you for your wishes.

    PARTY ON !!! (Triple vodka please, barman).

  9. Happy Birthday, Tidd! Happy Birthday, Jane! May every man you ever want beg for the honor to be yours. You both deserve only the best. As many of them as is your wont.

  10. Luv those graphics. ;o)

    Well the universe must've been in cahoots to bring us TWO wonderful Artwiculati to the planet on the same DAY!! What a great 2-fer gift to all of US! :)

    Wishing you both the very best of birthdays (I'm trying to do this in the least-brusque way possible'm I doin'? I'm so glad that 'taciturn' isn't the WOTD, toDAY ...& please know that this message comes sans-mythomania!!)

    May you become inured with the plethora accolades for you both, today... May you hear no obloquies, & have no lummox or nemesis cross your paths ...& may everyone have the gumption to get you a plethoric panoply-pastiche of pulchritudinous presents (...& not be parsimonious or perfunctory about it)! ☺

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . ♕ . . . .♕
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JANE & TIDD!! ☺ ♫ ♥ ☼ ❀

    PS Have fun slurpin' your body-shots offa those hairy hula-dancers, you two (yu-uum)! lol


  11. Happy Birthday Tidd! What can I say, that hasn't been said. I hope you have a really fun day!

    Happy Birthday Jane! I hope you have a great day with your family and that you've taken the day off!

  12. Happy birthday kiddos! Par-tay!

  13. Body shots? Sign me up!

    Happy birthdays!

  14. Dear Tidd and Jane! Happy BDay you two pilllars of artwiculati fame!
    And I look forward not the slightest bit terse
    to many more seasons of seasoned verse!
    L'amour et benedictions!

  15. Love, hugs and body shots to Tidd and Jane! And a birthday shot, too.

  16. Who did the artwork, by the way? It's just gorgeous! I should have said something earlier


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