Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miranda!

Odious Otto showed up with eight presents for Miranda's (Tralala56) birthday today! Humph! No, Salon Artwois shall not be outdone - watch this space for our vulpine ways. Many follies are soon to follow... Meanwhile, drinks are on the house! Happy Birthday, Miranda! Love, hugs & body shots!


  1. Bonne Fête a toi!
    Bonne Fête a toi!
    Joyeeux Anniversaire, Miranda!
    Félicitations a toi!

    My song, love and all the best wishes.
    Your Artwiculate friend,

  2. Dear Miranda,

    May you feel more beautiful today than any other day before now.

    May you be delighted in unexpected ways.

    You get not just one wish for your birthday, but unlimited ones. With all my heart I wish them true.



  3. It seems to me that Odious Otto is still hiding two arms behind his back..!
    (Joyeux.. ;-)

  4. Dear Miranda, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a really great day. Best wishes David :-)

    PS The word verification is agewel !!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Miranda! I hope the sun is as bright and the sky as blue where you are as it is here! Gros bisous xx

  6. Bonne anniversaire & top of the morning to you Miranda! Hugs and joyeux wishes pour toi.

    Amid all the celebrations, I hope Madge can make a vulpine appearance? Then we can ALL hurl a birthday knife at poor Tim, and if he survives he can use it to CUT YOUR BIRTHDAY CAKE!!

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful birthday wishes! I'm am all overcome with a desire to craft a vulpine Madge tweet! How strange it was to be cut off from my artwiculati friends, this morning, by some wicked Telecom man working in our district!

    I'm slighly worried about what Otto will do when he drops the eight presents...

  8. Don't worry about the presents, if Otto drops them - the boys have their fishing tackle.
    I have heard on the sea-grape vine that Otto wants to try a tentacle at this knife throwing mularky so out with the panoply. Max can cover from behind?
    What a fun Birthday!!

  9. Happy Birthday or as we say here in Tijuana, Apio verde to you, apio verde to you, apio verde Miranda, apio verde to you!

    Ah, my lovely, you're a redhead n'est-ce pas? Even if you're not, you can be today!

  10. My goldfish says 'blurb', which in this case means 'joyeux anniversaire à mon amie'! Yes that's what he meant, I'm quite sure of it... Santé, Miranda! :-)

  11. Thanks Max. I'm a redhead in spirit, that's for sure.

    Daniel, there are 'blurbs' and blurbs. That one goes straight to my heart. :-)


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