Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Exotic Aloha to Tidd and Jane


  1. Listen very carefully, I only dance this once: a very happy bonne anniversaire to both of you!

  2. If I were in a desert island all I'd want would be these two for company. Spartan, that's me.

    I hope you also, agree :-) Happy birthday, Jane! Happy Birthday, Tidd!

  3. This is very sexytime!

  4. Oh gord,
    You've started me laughing again. I can't stop. seriously

  5. Urgent Warning, Tidd, Jane stop Dancing Men are hiding something stop despite good looks and grass skirts Do NOT be swayed stop Assess potential danger stop Expect FULL report

  6. And once again, Tidd and Jane, hope you both have/had (by the time you read this) a very Happy Birthday!

  7. Does the Scottish kilt rule apply in Hawaii, I wonder?

  8. Harry, we're a class act. Seriously, we should get an agent. I reckon we're talking cruise ships, Vegas, the works

  9. Mmmm... So many men to celebrate one's birthday with, so little time. *Sigh.* N'est-ce pas Tidd and Jane? Bon anniversaire, cheries!

  10. Ohhhhh, YEAAAAAAAAAH BABY...

    ...all I could think, while watching you two, was the fact that...

    ...those grass skirts would make GREAT nest material!! :0D

    Take 'em OFF! Take it ALL off!! (Then drop 'em off at my tree, for me.) LOL ;)

    [Aww, man... WAY too much fun in here, aye?! Luv it. Hope Tidd & Jane survived the dance okay ...all that sensual excitement & such. Whew! LOL]


  11. Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday, Tidd & Jane,
    Happy birthday to you!

    When Jon & Harry dance for you,
    Nobody can even argue
    That you both are very special
    Have a great birthday, you two!

    Have a wonderful day, ladies and wish you many years filled with good health.

    Love, Nav

  12. Happy birthday, you wanton lovelies! You both have something that I want for your birthdays ;-)

  13. Happy BD, Tidd and Jane. I hope it was better than the two hula dancers, really.

  14. Happy birthday, Tidd and Jane. I hope that you each received everything that you wanted. <3

  15. Oh LOL - I must have been drunk yesterday! I failed to see that there were TWO separate topics, so I posted under the other one :D Well, it bears repeating - this video was wonderfully and delightfully SILLY !


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