Friday, April 16, 2010

Breaking news!

David (@dmriver) has fallen off his bike. Details will follow.


  1. I quote those wiser -albeit not more wizened- than I:

    "What were you thinking, David? Leave the bike riding to us Dutch folks! You don't see us running after koalas, do you? :-))" -lithiumzombie

  2. Well done mate. Whose turn next? Tracy? Maz?

  3. Oh no!! I hope you're not in a lot of pain. Get well soon! Grab a vegemite sandwich and a bone crusher to heal quickly!

  4. I hope it doesn´t slow you down in the bedroom, mate.

  5. Rode off in a ditch, eh? No, wait that's Canadian. Rode off in a bar ditch, now didja? That's Texan. I hope the damage wasn't too severe. If you didn't break your hand, you can still tweet. Okay, you can tweet with one hand. If you didn't break both hands then. What is the sound of one hand tweeting?

  6. LOL!!! oh the laughing hurts, but worth it!!!!! Thanks everyone. I certainly didn't expect to get back in the Salon assisted by me damn bike. but then again no one expects the Spanish...

    the bike is fine, leaning all innocent against the wall outside. no I didn't have good enough sense to leave it where it lay, it walked home with me. to be fair, I wasn't entirely sure I would get home, some company helped.

    So now it's a case of hurry up and wait, six weeks! The surgery option was deemed by the surgeons as not necessary, apparently would get quicker healing, but nerve damage to extremities is possible. better safe than sorry.

    this is the sound of one hand tweeting, pretty much the same, but bit less punctuation

    cheers David :-)

  7. David,

    Just seeing this now. Ouch! Struth, mate that's a bonzer break (or something like that). Hoping you'll be flash as a rat with a gold tooth in no time.



  8. I confess.
    I told Igor to give you a break. He can be alarmingly literal.
    I will refrain from suggesting he give you a hand as he has a sharp knife and no compunction...

  9. You Aussies obviously haven't the art of staying in an upright position quite right yet, but then what do you expect down under :-) Hope you're not in too much agony David!
    Do we get to scribble on your shoulder ?


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