Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Who are the Who behind the Who's Who?

We've had many of you tweeps ask about the identity of the writers of the Who's Who biographies (column left).
Who are those that dare to nail the quiddity of the Artwiculati after nights of deliberation and countless goblets of inspirational liquids? 
As individuals they shall of course remain Artwiculati Anonymous, but as a team they are known as The InkWisitors.
Wassail, kudos, questions and other bold attempts to face the InkWisition go to: SalonArtwois@Gmail.com


  1. Looove the artwork - Do I see Harry's hand in this?

  2. I love my write up. If ever I need a publicist I know where to come :-)

  3. InkWisitors... whomever you may be, wherever you may dwell: I was asked to relay this to you from Ginette, @GardenComet:

    "Could you please give a big hug and if appropriate a big kiss to whoever wrote mine? If I could in real life I would."

    As far as I'm concerned hugs & kisses are always appropriate so inKwisitor of Ginette's tweet soul, consider yourself kissed and held.

  4. A couple of days ago, Salon Artwois received the following email from Tralala56:

    "Well done to the InkWisitors. It's really hard work to sum up someone's tweeps in such short bios. I love what you have done! All the best, Miranda"

    We forwarded the email to the caped crusaders and received the following responses:

    "Don't worry, we will be sending the bill."

    "If you could pick up our tab at Bar Twiculate" it'd really help."

  5. I loved my entry! (But only after I'd Googled "blue stocking" and found that it can be a compliment, which is how I took it, of course :-)

    (If ever there's a revision, I also write haiku!)


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