Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Location, location, location...

Even with a low battery, David @dmriver keeps tweeting from Hell's Window.
And RETweeting too! Like hell...

...and taking pictures.


  1. As I tweeted as soon as I saw this photo, this sure does not look like a view of Hell to me. BEAUTIFUL photo, David!

  2. I think high altitudes addle one's brains. We shall test David upon his return....he may need a drink, BartWender before, during and after the ordeal!!

  3. If I could be anywhere right now, I'd want to be exactly where this picture was taken. It's incredible!

  4. Wrapped in melancholy, listening to The Beach Boys sing "God Only Knows", I would just like to add this :

    "If I should die, bury me at that very spot, where the clouds and the cliff and the valley head all meet, and my soul will rest"

  5. Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Hell's Window is one of my daughter's favourite spots up in the hills so was an essential stop on this hike. Am happy to take anyone for a visit there when you come to oz. cheers David


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