Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Joncast - Fill 'er up!

Click image to enlarge: The Artwiculati all over Jonathans' Cast.


  1. OK, this is excellent! But ... how do we get our comments onto the cast, like Harry & Silia?? (I'm a Bear of Little Brain, at times :-)

    Anyway, my comment is

    "Hugs Jon - signed your very own Tidd (can you get off my back now, please? :-)"

  2. Dear Jon: by the time I think of something clever to write on your awesome cast, it will have come off!

    - ItzQuauhtli


  3. Here's my handwritten message...

  4. Like Tidd, I say "excellent!" (& request the help w/the getting it up there? Thank you!)

    Dear Jon,
    I wouldn't dare write ~ a haiku upon your cast ~ 'cept to say, "get well!"
    ~ Bonnie

  5. The instructions on how to get your autograph on Jon's cast were posted in the earlier, initial post about the "casting call". Here are the instructions again:

    Ideally, please email a scanned, hand-written note to

    If such is not feasible, you can either post the comment you want on Jon's cast here, or, email it to as at the address referenced above.

    ALL players are welcomed to participate :-)

  6. aw, what a neat idea!

    heal fast, jon!



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