Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Max's Redhead

Katy @kado56 had a vision that just could not be translated into an Artwiculate tweet. But since she is a master of all trades she's presenting us with a true to life representation of @MaxRaunchiness' Redhead. For all of us that have been wondering about her..
Max just commented: “My languor is only exceeded by my desire for redheads. Redheads make my day...and night.”
Judging by Katie's art, Max has had it made...


  1. May I say that I'm overcome. In more than one way.

  2. You may have "arrived", Max and I doubt that it is over.

  3. Max, just WHAT are you doing in that picture? Incorrigible. Fungible. That's you.

  4. Guy walks into a bar and orders a Redhead. Barman: "See that man in the corner? The one who looks about 70? His name is Max. Actually he's only 35. Tell him I sent you..."


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