Monday, March 8, 2010

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Ludovic

Daniël @lithiumzombie's Goldfish is not the only Carassius auratus auratus in the submarine Artwiculate world. @TiddK also has goldfish on the brain. Some say he was shaped after the Ludovician in Stephen Hall's "Amazing raw Shark Texts".
In Tidd's own words:
"Ludovic is a conceptual goldfish, who lives in a bowl-shaped cavity within the skull of TiddK. He feeds off love, adulation, recognition, and stray thoughts that have been filtered and re-oxidised. He is a very post-modern, deconstructionist, fin-de-siècle fish, who knows his own boundaries - a conceptual glass bowl - but is often allowed to flick his tail and go beyond. His companions include Batman & Robin, a guy in a bar, and a band of intrepid Artwiculati. If you find him, please be kind to him, and never feed him cruel or unkind thoughts."

Ludovic is conceptual, so images were hard to find. This one comes close:

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  1. You can see me concentrating hard, trying to maintain Ludovic's existence ("per conceptua ad pisces")


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