Saturday, March 6, 2010

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Goldfish

Now that we have met Igor last month, it's time to get acquainted with Daniël @lithiumzombie's Goldfish, who is an invaluable character in the Artwiculate cast. Few know his real name, even fewer of us would be ignorant of some of his hidden traits if it weren't for his intrepid biographer Katy @Kado56.

Goldfish : Un-bubbly submarine creature with the dubious pleasure of belonging to @lithiumzombie. Causes raised eyebrows due to massive Artwiculate Fin Club. Doesn’t actually tweet but has ways of getting his message across. So far Goldfish has been hurled into vortex and void, fed mind-changing drugs and suffered multiple deaths.  He is, to say the least, resilient, does an awesome interpretation of Jaws, cross dresses as a piranha and warns that if we tap on the glass one more time, our tweeting days are over.

To top the bill, Katie spent all night pressing her pretty nose against the glass of the bowl and painted Daniël's Goldfish in hot action (click the image for screen filling submarine terror).


  1. Loving it. Who would have thought a little goldfish would cause such a stir? someone must've bumped his bowl!

  2. I feel a bit ungrateful and bitchy after all the hard work that went into creating this wonderful site ... but I think Daniel and his goldfish would like me set the matter straight - his goldfish does not have a name!

    Ludovic was just a bit of fun I came up with after finishing reading Stephen Hall's aMAZing "Raw Shark Texts" where he creates a conceptual shark, The Ludovician. I have freely borrowed Daniel's goldfish for Artwiculate (thanks for your generosity, Daniel!), and I thought I would separate our two fish so they could have independent identities. So I re-created mine as a conceptual goldfish and called him Ludovic.

    Daniel insists his fish has no name, so I think we should respect his wishes!!

  3. Time to expose Ludovic to the Salon one of these days, Tidd. I bet Daniël's golden treasure would like to meet another imaginary mate!

  4. Oh, would that he could Harry! The problem is, Daniel's is a real imaginary goldfish, whereas Ludovic is only a conceptual imaginary goldfish. ;-)

  5. Ludovic and the Goldfish who shall remain nameless: double the pleasure, double the tweetfun! "Give! Ludovic! To the People!"

  6. I think he should be named Goldy

  7. I just love the grin on his face! :-)

  8. Katy, I love this drawing for so many reasons.
    1. I'm a Pisces
    2. I've been a fan of Daniel's goldfish tweets for as long as I've been playing
    3. It's a goldfish with a GUN! :)

    Great work!

  9. This comment is for Daniël's goldfish (not Daniël): *blurb* Makia!


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