Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harry's Bar Twiculate

Original Artwork Created for harrarp, Bar Twiculate & Salon Artwois by StarOfSavannah

Salon Artwois is (tipsy and) proud to announce Bar Twiculate's Signature Drink. To help us define the essence of Bar Twiculate and Salon Artwois we turned to Mistress Mixologist StarOfSavannah and charged her with scouting the world to discover the Artwiculati cocktail just-so.

In honor of our humble BartWender, harrarp, without whom there would be no Salon to take a break from being clever at nor a Bar to get drunk at, Savannah selected the Bellini, invented at the world-famous Harry's Bar in Venice. Here's the recipe for making it at home (or at the hospital):

Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine), Ripe White Peaches.
When making a Bellini, everything (the glasses, Prosecco and white peach puree) should be as cold as possible. The general rule is to use one part white peach puree to three parts Prosecco, mix and serve immediately. Use fresh frozen white peach puree when you can, but when making your own puree, never use a food processor because it aerates the fruit. (Maurice Graham Henry often uses a cheese shredder, shredding the peaches and using a strainer to collect the maximum amount of juice.) Add a bit of sugar or some simple syrup if the puree is too tart. Absolutely never use yellow peaches. Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, christened his white peach cocktail "the Bellini" after Giovanni Bellini, the fifteenth century Venetian painter in 1948. Made with Prosecco instead of Champagne, it is nevertheless widely regarded as the best Champagne cocktail in the world.

Come, order your Bellini and let us all raise a glass and toast, to our BartWender. For this grand baptismal occassion, StarOfSavannah composed for Harry this Ode:

An Ode to the BartWender
Serve the drinks up fast, good sir,
For happy hour is here.
The time has come for good laughs and fun,
And for martinis, shots and beer.
The thirsty Artwiculati wait
To see what drinks you’ll make.
And with your pleasant smile,
You serve up shots that take the cake.
But oh, if they only knew
That Harry’s Bar is the best around.
The specialty, a White Peach Bellini
Can always here be found.
And so, dear BartWender, I implore you
To pour another round
Of your famous White Peach Bellinis
For this lovely crowd.
We raise our glasses to you,
Our gracious drink-slinging host.
Harry, our favorite BartWender,
It is to you that we happily toast.



  1. A toast to the BartWender! Great job you do at the Salon Artwois saloon. And another toast to our Bellini poetess, Ms. Savannah! Watch out Harry she can get a little testy.

  2. Cheers to the BartWender! Enjoy your bellini. I've always been attracted to Monica Bellini even though she's not a redhead. Oh, wait, that's Bellucci.

  3. BartWender, a pitcher of Bellini, please. A toast, mes amis: To our talented Savannah, painter of words and worlds; and, to Harry, whose idiosyncratic ways keep us coming back for more.

    Love, hugs and body shots!

  4. Here's to you, Savannah poetess Laureate of Artwiculate. And what more could Harry ask for? The verse, the wine and thou-sands of happy bar supporters.

  5. And, as the Cock crew, those who stood before
    The Tavern shouted--"Open then the Door!
    "You know how little while we have to stay,
    "And, once departed, may return no more."


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