Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Hour at BartWiculate

Back by Popular Demand!
***  BartWender Notice. Orders so far:
-  One Wistful Redhead (@MaxRaunchiness). Did you say: hold the freckles? 
-  A Vin du Pays (but the best..!) for @SJHatzi - stuffed olives on the side 
-  One Joker and double the persiflage! for Katefran (@kado56)
-  Make that extra freckles with the Redhead for Max
- Hello JonPowles? @kado56 over there just offered you a Blackbush, yeah I know she's a redhead, but still...
-  A vodka and voda for our ailing @TheSupercargo. Nazdrovye John!***


  1. Hey Bartwender,

    I'll have a Wistful Redhead, please, not too much ice.

  2. BartWender, one Joker please and double the persiflage!

  3. No, I want the freckles. I love freckles!

  4. Yay! Exactly what I wanted! Love the stuffed olives too - merci beaucoup Bart Wender!

  5. Bartwender, if Jon Powles turns up, serve him Blackbush, on me. No, no I'm a redhead.

  6. No sense of taste at present. Can't tell the difference between good red wine and plonk, dry sherry tastes faintly fizzy, malt whisky's completely wasted on me. Beer tastes of ... well, bread mostly. Oh just give me a glass of vodka in a frosted glass - and bottle of voda along with it - and I'll sit in the corner here and listen to the others enjoying themselves.

  7. John, I'll join you in a glass of vodka. (I'll rephrase that - I'll have a glass WITH you!). My favourite tipple. I need a nightcap anyway. And we can sit quietly, watch all these noisy people, take notes for future tweets and/or blackmail, and then go to sleep.

    Actually, I think Morpheus is calling me right now. I just have to type in quashook, and then I'm done.

  8. What wine do we have made from cabernet sauvignon franc grapes? Guess only California and Chile have them. Take your time. No hurry. I wait. I have plenty of time available in my present. Thanks.
    BTW is SuperSilia around? Have her mobile number?

  9. As our bartWender seems to be occupied (very popular, he), this California girl suggests we decant a 1996 Beringer Vineyards Cabernet Franc Third Century Howell Mountain for your drinking pleasure, querido Osmar. Tudo bem?


    PS. Yes, I have my mobile number. Why do you ask? ;-)


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