Friday, March 26, 2010

A Garden of Birthday Wishes... our favourite comet, Ginette, @GardenComet. Happy Birthday, Ginette! May all your birthday wishes come true. 
*** BartWender notice: I hope the Garden Comet Cocktail  makes up for the regrettably unfulfilled requests for:
-  Knockout cocktail of Euphemisms (Miranda)
-  Ice Archipelago Cocktail a.k.a. Boat Holer (Katy) 
-  Persiflage all around! The wisecracks are on me! (@WordBird) ***


  1. I would have offered flowers but I thought your cometic sizzling might have given them a torchered look. If you don't mind, I'll just toast my bangers? (NOT a YOUFIZZUM)

  2. Dear Ginette, hope you have a great birthday!!!! May your garden be sunny and ring with laughter. cheers David :-))

  3. Dear Ginette, I would never have picked you as an Aries; you're so *retiring* after all. Happy Birthday, cheers, Jonathan

  4. It looks like I missed your birthday Ginette. I hope it was a happy one. I'm sure you enjoyed the cocktail of euphemisms!

  5. This cocktail rocks! I raise a glass and toast:

    To Ginette ~

    "Here's to the men you've loved, and here's to the men who've loved you. To the men you love who don't love you, to hell with them, here's to you!"

    Your words charm, Ginette. Happy birthday. Hugs.

  6. Happy birthday - if it was in my power I would bring you the gift of your first win in Artwiculate! But I CAN raise a glass and toast you ... um, toast your health ... and maybe a kiss from Max (or more?) Go get 'em Ginette.

  7. Didn't get to see this on the day as I've been having PC problems. Problems all sorted now. Thank you for the lovely comments all of you. Now where's Max for that kiss? lol

  8. Belated birthday wishes, Ginette - I recently saw a flying-pig-in-an-airplane cake on the "Ace of Cakes" show that would've been perfect for you! ;)


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