Friday, March 12, 2010

Bar Twiculate - StarOfSavannah Saves The (Word Of The) Day

We had an emergency today. WOTD "zealous" was just not doing it for JonPowles. He needed a drink. He tweeted and tweeted, begging for a cocktail. Mistress of mixology StarOfSavannah graciously stepped behind the Bar and whipped up a zealous "Seething Jealousy". Here's the recipe: .5 oz Cherry liqueur, .5 oz orange juice, .5 oz scotch, 1 oz sweet vermouth - pour over crushed ice, garnish with fresh mint.


  1. It's not fair! I wanted Savannah to make one for me first.

  2. Here's my jealous amendment - a taste of "zealous with a zing" :
    Substitute mango juice for orange juice, and then (to avoid over-sweetness) use dry vermouth instead. Served at the same bar, mixed by the same barstaff, giving you smouldering looks the whole while...

  3. Whew! I won't b jealous of the seething headache!
    I don't drink of course but that's beside the point! :-)


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