Monday, March 1, 2010

Artwois Podcast #002 "Between PA and NSW"

Our second Salon podcast: @TheSupercargo hosts @StarofSavannah and @dmriver as they share some of their recent favorite Artwiculate tweets from opposite corners of the world.
You can read a transcript of this podcast here.


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  2. The first time I heard Savannah's voice... I loved how SERIOUS she is. She puts all of herself into the tweet she's reading. I'm biased of course because I adore her but I cannot wait to hear more of our Savannah.

    And David... your accent! Now I understand why all the girls fall for the Aussie guys - who can resist that charm? And you voice, David: such color and -like you- such a unassuming delivery: you let the tweets shine!

    I cannot be alone in feeling that I'm finally hearing my best friends talk.

    Thank you, John for producing and hosting this aural gem.

  3. 20 minutes or less is just perfect for a podcast IMHO. Time for a coffee ...


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