Saturday, March 13, 2010

Artwois Podcast #003: Keeping a Straight Face at the Cemetery

For this Salon Podcast, we hand the mike to our only coin-operated Artwiculati, Chris Weiherer.
He chose the setting, we didn't, so the shiver in his voice is of his own doing.
Facing cold heckler's corpses, this unique stand up comic digs hilarious tweets out of their untimely graves.
Meine Damen und Herren among the living, a big hand for @coinopratdchris!
You can read a transcript of this podcast here.


  1. Chris! That stiffened my cold dead heart up so much I gotta pandiculate!
    Great job, Man. Loved it!
    Aaron Livingston

  2. Can I have your autograph??? *SWOONING*

  3. I had to listen using Firefox, but I enjoyed it - thanks.

  4. Funny for a self confessed nervous guy, you didn't sound stiff at all!

  5. but someone needs to put the fun in funeral

  6. winky eye indeed...

  7. I'm honored my dear man that you'd retweet (so to speak) my tweet on the radio. OK, not the radio, but as close as we can get nowadays. An audio from the cemetery, how courageous!


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