Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Party Afoot...!

OK, so Moldy Mayonnaise may not be a good enough reason, but:
-  Jason @routermonkey deserves some serious back slapping for donating the SalonArtwois URL, and the housewarming party is for him.
-  There's plenty of booze left over to stretch Saint Patrick's Day in honor of Belfast based (atto & Johnston North)
-  There are some belated Birthdays to celebrate: Cathy @CatMar604's (hip) and @ultracutebot's (hip) and @amanuel187's (hip) and your BartWender's (hurray!).
-  Rumour has it that @StarOfSavannah and @AaronLivingston will be performing Live! And we've even seen Katy @kado56 doing sound checks...
-  and feel free to add a reason of your own!
(Doors open 3 hours before the WOTD changes!)


  1. Hey Bartwender, happy birthday to you. I'd wish you a redhead, but you already are one, so I wish you any color you want, including red.

  2. Merci beacoup, Jason!

    Happy Birthday Cath! Happy Birthday Amanuel! Happy Birthday, Cutie! Happy Birthday BartWender! I'm glad you're in my world.

  3. Ok, this is the party? Well, I'm here! Pour me a triple Fribble please :-)

  4. OK, I'd like to wish everyone a Happy Birthday that's having one, and I'd like two Red Headed Sluts, Bartwender. BTW, that makes me think of a Dutchman named Bart Wender. He walked all the way here!

  5. PAAAAAAAAARTY TIIIIIIIIIIIME!!! Got my heels, got my lipstick, got my hankie, got in a frenzy, got up ike a dog's dinner and got my eye on a BIG drink, BartWender

  6. Hey Katy, I hear you're a wistful redhead, and that's good enough for me. Have you had enough to drink yet?

  7. Max, now my evening is looking up! I am a bottomless pit for drink. A Freddy Fudpucker if the bartWender knows how to shake it? (and NOT giggle when we ask for our 2nd or 3rd one)


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