Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Location, location, location...

Even with a low battery, David @dmriver keeps tweeting from Hell's Window.
And RETweeting too! Like hell...

...and taking pictures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

BartWender Notice: Luscious, gorgeous, dripping with juice!

White Peaches!
Hold the sugar or syrup. Keep it tarty and tangy and tasty!
Thank you all for dedicating this Bellini to your BartWender.
And especially @StarOfSavannah for her unique artwork, beautiful ode and fresh cocktail recipe.
¡Gracias por su visita, and come back often, so I can can keep pouring you lot the BarTwiculate Signature Drink!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harry's Bar Twiculate

Original Artwork Created for harrarp, Bar Twiculate & Salon Artwois by StarOfSavannah

Salon Artwois is (tipsy and) proud to announce Bar Twiculate's Signature Drink. To help us define the essence of Bar Twiculate and Salon Artwois we turned to Mistress Mixologist StarOfSavannah and charged her with scouting the world to discover the Artwiculati cocktail just-so.

In honor of our humble BartWender, harrarp, without whom there would be no Salon to take a break from being clever at nor a Bar to get drunk at, Savannah selected the Bellini, invented at the world-famous Harry's Bar in Venice. Here's the recipe for making it at home (or at the hospital):

Prosecco (Italian Sparkling Wine), Ripe White Peaches.
When making a Bellini, everything (the glasses, Prosecco and white peach puree) should be as cold as possible. The general rule is to use one part white peach puree to three parts Prosecco, mix and serve immediately. Use fresh frozen white peach puree when you can, but when making your own puree, never use a food processor because it aerates the fruit. (Maurice Graham Henry often uses a cheese shredder, shredding the peaches and using a strainer to collect the maximum amount of juice.) Add a bit of sugar or some simple syrup if the puree is too tart. Absolutely never use yellow peaches. Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, christened his white peach cocktail "the Bellini" after Giovanni Bellini, the fifteenth century Venetian painter in 1948. Made with Prosecco instead of Champagne, it is nevertheless widely regarded as the best Champagne cocktail in the world.

Come, order your Bellini and let us all raise a glass and toast, to our BartWender. For this grand baptismal occassion, StarOfSavannah composed for Harry this Ode:

An Ode to the BartWender
Serve the drinks up fast, good sir,
For happy hour is here.
The time has come for good laughs and fun,
And for martinis, shots and beer.
The thirsty Artwiculati wait
To see what drinks you’ll make.
And with your pleasant smile,
You serve up shots that take the cake.
But oh, if they only knew
That Harry’s Bar is the best around.
The specialty, a White Peach Bellini
Can always here be found.
And so, dear BartWender, I implore you
To pour another round
Of your famous White Peach Bellinis
For this lovely crowd.
We raise our glasses to you,
Our gracious drink-slinging host.
Harry, our favorite BartWender,
It is to you that we happily toast.


The JonCast - Invitation

Saturday March 27 will forever be in our memory for the Dishevelment that gave @SJHatzi her ninth crown,
and that broke our rugbytragic @JonPowles' leg in a tackle.
Time to all join in and adorn Jonathan's cast with our autographs.
(A picture or scan of a handwritten note would be the coolest..!)
Send it to
Easiest: add it as a pic to to one of your Artwiculate tweets.
Or else leave a comment to this post.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Welcome to the Salon!

Welcome to our new Salon Followers:
@Anamuk, @ChrisLoft, @Silverne, @Lippy73, @TaoJoannes and @LunaJune!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Hour at BartWiculate

Back by Popular Demand!
***  BartWender Notice. Orders so far:
-  One Wistful Redhead (@MaxRaunchiness). Did you say: hold the freckles? 
-  A Vin du Pays (but the best..!) for @SJHatzi - stuffed olives on the side 
-  One Joker and double the persiflage! for Katefran (@kado56)
-  Make that extra freckles with the Redhead for Max
- Hello JonPowles? @kado56 over there just offered you a Blackbush, yeah I know she's a redhead, but still...
-  A vodka and voda for our ailing @TheSupercargo. Nazdrovye John!***

An Appeal to the Artwiculati!


I’m trying to compile an archive of ArtwicuTweets that have played with Six Degrees of Propinquity. Foolishly I did not collect the tweets as I saw them coming up in the Twitter stream and now I’m having difficulties tracking them all down. 

Do you have any that you wrote, or that you collected that other people wrote? Please tack them on to this message as Comments! (Let me know who wrote them if it wasn’t you, and what the WOTD was for that day.)

Below are all the relevant tweets that I’ve been able to find on the Top 50 pages and in my own records. (I don’t promise I’ve not missed any.)

Many thanks for your help!

From my bed of pain …

(I’ve got the ’flu)

John (aka TheSupercargo)

A Garden of Birthday Wishes... our favourite comet, Ginette, @GardenComet. Happy Birthday, Ginette! May all your birthday wishes come true. 
*** BartWender notice: I hope the Garden Comet Cocktail  makes up for the regrettably unfulfilled requests for:
-  Knockout cocktail of Euphemisms (Miranda)
-  Ice Archipelago Cocktail a.k.a. Boat Holer (Katy) 
-  Persiflage all around! The wisecracks are on me! (@WordBird) ***

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


At the request of JonPowles, dmriver and Squawkingalah, BarTwiculate stocked up on slabs of Crownies, VB, XXXX, Emu Export, Blue Tongue and, for the sheilas, Pure Blonde. Now all we need is a shindig for our Aussie friends to show us how they party down under.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Glitch in podcasts, solved?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Artwois Podcast #006: The Artwiculati Anthem

And as an icing on the cake: close your eyes and listen to Katy @Kado56
She wrote and sings the Artwiculate Song. Especially for this party she performs a capella, meaning that many a man in the audience is bound to lose his head. 
You know the refrain! "Artwiculate, Artwiculate, I don't just love you a little bit." Let's all join in!
You can read the lyrics to the Anthem here.
***BartWender: @StarOfSavannah just whispered something in my ear that I want to pass on. Listen up folks: Let the official toast of Salon Artwois be: "Love, hugs & body shots"! ***

Artwois Podcast #005 "Katy going Brogue"

The moment you all been waiting for! 
A Podcast Special for Paddy's Day, brought to you by Katy @kado56
With the luck of the Irish she managed to get hold of the microphone to breathe a second life into her favorite tweets. 
***BartWender: Who ordered the Freddy Fudpucker? 
Better drink it  it up, because @StarOfSavannah is buying a round of Gumball Hummers.
@MaltaGoddess ordered Sex on the Beach. Is there someone to take over from me at the bar? ***
Wait! Katy's going to do an encore!

Artwois Podcast #004 "Soirée des Poètes"

Finally: Poetry Night at the Salon. 
@StarofSavannah and @AaronLivingston recite some of their favorite poetical tweets. 
An event not to be missed, also because Aaron caresses the six strings like no Artwiculati before.
You can read a transcript of this podcast here.
***BartWender: Not yet, Katy. Not yet...  More to come, much more to come folks, stay tuned! What're you having, Max?***

Another Party Afoot...!

OK, so Moldy Mayonnaise may not be a good enough reason, but:
-  Jason @routermonkey deserves some serious back slapping for donating the SalonArtwois URL, and the housewarming party is for him.
-  There's plenty of booze left over to stretch Saint Patrick's Day in honor of Belfast based (atto & Johnston North)
-  There are some belated Birthdays to celebrate: Cathy @CatMar604's (hip) and @ultracutebot's (hip) and @amanuel187's (hip) and your BartWender's (hurray!).
-  Rumour has it that @StarOfSavannah and @AaronLivingston will be performing Live! And we've even seen Katy @kado56 doing sound checks...
-  and feel free to add a reason of your own!
(Doors open 3 hours before the WOTD changes!)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Party Afoot...

Holidays and Salad Days and Days of Moldy Mayonnaise.
Birthdays and Saint Patrick's Days.
Any excuse for Artwiculati to have a Partay... Just you wait...

Oh, bartender...

Katy (@Kado56), a self-professed wistful redhead, suggests we stock up on Chambord... rumor has it Salon Artwois is having a PARTY on Twitter tomorrow, 2 hours before the WOTD changes. Max's redhead wants to buy Miranda (@Tralala56) a "Red Headed Slut" and we think the drink will catch on... We'll be tweeting from Bar Twiculate - stay tuned...
***BartWender: Stay away fom the mike, Katy, you're in no condition to... Katy...?***

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St.Patrick's Day Lads & Lassies!

@Kado56 and @CatMar604 are already hanging out at the bar, Irish eyes smiling and winking galore. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Bar Twiculate is serving "Green Eyes" all day today, and toasting to atto and Johnston North, creators of Belfast-based

Here's how to make it at home: 23ml(3/4oz) Midori, 30ml(1oz) Rum, 15ml(1/2oz) Coconut Cream, 15ml(1/2oz) Lime juice, 15ml(1/2oz) Pineapple Juice. Pour ingredients over ice into a glass, and stir gently. Garnish with a slice of pineapple. A big slice of pineapple.

***BartWender Notice: As a subversive fungible, try "The Green-Eyed Orange Infiltrator": 1 shot vodka - 1 shot Blue Curacao - orange juice - Mix vodka and blue curacao and top up with orange juice (tastes like orange juice... but it's green!)***

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Max's Redhead

Katy @kado56 had a vision that just could not be translated into an Artwiculate tweet. But since she is a master of all trades she's presenting us with a true to life representation of @MaxRaunchiness' Redhead. For all of us that have been wondering about her..
Max just commented: “My languor is only exceeded by my desire for redheads. Redheads make my day...and night.”
Judging by Katie's art, Max has had it made...

Who are the Who behind the Who's Who?

We've had many of you tweeps ask about the identity of the writers of the Who's Who biographies (column left).
Who are those that dare to nail the quiddity of the Artwiculati after nights of deliberation and countless goblets of inspirational liquids? 
As individuals they shall of course remain Artwiculati Anonymous, but as a team they are known as The InkWisitors.
Wassail, kudos, questions and other bold attempts to face the InkWisition go to:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Artwois Podcast #003: Keeping a Straight Face at the Cemetery

For this Salon Podcast, we hand the mike to our only coin-operated Artwiculati, Chris Weiherer.
He chose the setting, we didn't, so the shiver in his voice is of his own doing.
Facing cold heckler's corpses, this unique stand up comic digs hilarious tweets out of their untimely graves.
Meine Damen und Herren among the living, a big hand for @coinopratdchris!
You can read a transcript of this podcast here.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Salon ArtWois under its own roof!

Housebreaking News:
You'll notice that the URL in your browser now says:
Jason Wells @routermonkey graciously donated this domain name to the Salon blog!
Details will follow soon. And - why not? - a house warming party.

Bar Twiculate - StarOfSavannah Saves The (Word Of The) Day

We had an emergency today. WOTD "zealous" was just not doing it for JonPowles. He needed a drink. He tweeted and tweeted, begging for a cocktail. Mistress of mixology StarOfSavannah graciously stepped behind the Bar and whipped up a zealous "Seething Jealousy". Here's the recipe: .5 oz Cherry liqueur, .5 oz orange juice, .5 oz scotch, 1 oz sweet vermouth - pour over crushed ice, garnish with fresh mint.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bar Twiculate - the requests keep pouring in

9:20 am, France. WOTD: Odalisque
Kado56 The cocktail of the day is an Orion Slave Girl - Salon Artwois bartender has his work cut out today.
*** BartWender Notice: Orion Slave Girls will only be served to patrons wearing full body holosuits.***

- Where would one purchase said holosuit? (snatchbeast)
*** BartWender: Holosuits can not be purchased, they have to be grown from scratch ***

Bar Twiculate: Keeping a Tab 2

After all those complaints about not having enough toothpicks to deal with the residue of the Hairy Virgins, the management decided to solely serve this liquid delicacy to Igor.
And after some serious deflowering under the counter, we are now happy to announce our latest specialty: Fresh Odalisque. Guaranteed to put a smile on a Fail Whale. We're ready to take orders.

Orders so far:
- Do you serve Zombies? Excellent! I'll have a Zombie and for my little friend here a Gin Fish... eh, Fizz! (Daniël) 
- Well, I guess if I have to have a virgin, I'd rather have a hairy one. (MaxRaunchiness) 
- If it's okay with you, I'll have a shot of scotch straight up. I would have ordered a bloody mary, but I think I'll leave that for Marcos Arroyos (MaxRaunchiness)
- And here's me thinking Marcos was having a Death in the Afternoon. (katefran)
- Igor says the Orion Slave Girls are less of a hair razor than the Hairy Virgins. (katefran)
- I don't really want a Hairy Virgin and Orion Slave Girls do nothing for me...sigh...Bartender, any suggestions? (katefran)
  *** BartWender: There's the Odalisque of course, and just in: the zealous "Seething Jealousy". ***
- I would order a Bloody Mary, but then I'd slap my forehead when I realized I could have had a V8! (Mary)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bar Twiculate - Igor's Frigid Hairy Virgin

Inundated by requests for the recipe of Igor's signature drink, we are publishing the recipe here for your imbibing pleasure.

Pour 2 oz. or white rum, 1 oz of triple sec and 2 oz. of pineapple juice into a blender with one cup of crushed ice. Blend well. Pour into a highball glass, garnish with a maraschino cherry and serve. 
***BartWender Notice: At the Salon we add shredded celery. It's stringy and gives the necessary extra texture between your teeth. ***

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Word of the Day or Word of the Night...

Ever wondered whether Artweeps are bright eyed & bushy tailed, dozing off or just regaining consciousness?
To help you do the math, there's a World Map in the left side bar for those that are geographically lost.

Bar Twiculate: Keeping a Tab

So far we've got orders for:
- A Martini, please. Extra dry, a bit dirty. With three gorgonzola-stuffed olives. (Silia J. Hatzi)
- Ahhh...a place to relax from the 140. Do you serve "Mind-Erasers" here? (Joe Knaack)
- "Mind Erasers" fresh out, I believe the Pan-Glactic Gargle Blaster is available though. (aaron)
- Fun! (Kara)
- Oh, and I'll take a vodka tonic. (snatchbeast)
- I'll just have a lemon, lime and bitters, thanks. *gesticulates to barkeep* (Margaret)
- I'll have a Hanky-Panky PLEASE, barman. (katefran)
- ...and Igor is having a Hairy Virgin, no wait, make that TWO Hairy Virgins... (katefran)
- I'll have a grasshopper, please, so I can hop from one tweet to the next and hiccup at the same time. Thank you! (Maryse aka @wifsie)
- Is it in poor taste to specify that I prefer Monopolova vodka? (snatchbeast)
- I'll have ... just another Twequila Sunrise :-) (TiddK)

I thought we had stocked up on Mind-Erasers. Someone must have swallowed the lot.
We'll keep an eye on the contents of this weeks' tweets to see who might be the culprit.
And as for the Hairy Virgins, now I'm glad the bikini wax delivery was canceled.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Reading through the hundreds of tweets over the last few days about Salon Artwois one is reminded again of the obvious: how much so many of us like this game; how much we all appreciate having come to know of one another because of Artwiculate.

Do the men and women who work anonymously behind the scenes at Artwiculate realize that several times daily dozens of us think "I love this game"? If I was them, I'd want to know. It would make anyone's day if others felt about our work they way we do about this game.

Whoever amongst us feels this way, let's let Artwiculate know. Let's take the time we spend in crafting one tweet and craft a thank you to Artwiculate. Here's their email address:

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Ludovic

Daniël @lithiumzombie's Goldfish is not the only Carassius auratus auratus in the submarine Artwiculate world. @TiddK also has goldfish on the brain. Some say he was shaped after the Ludovician in Stephen Hall's "Amazing raw Shark Texts".
In Tidd's own words:
"Ludovic is a conceptual goldfish, who lives in a bowl-shaped cavity within the skull of TiddK. He feeds off love, adulation, recognition, and stray thoughts that have been filtered and re-oxidised. He is a very post-modern, deconstructionist, fin-de-siècle fish, who knows his own boundaries - a conceptual glass bowl - but is often allowed to flick his tail and go beyond. His companions include Batman & Robin, a guy in a bar, and a band of intrepid Artwiculati. If you find him, please be kind to him, and never feed him cruel or unkind thoughts."

Ludovic is conceptual, so images were hard to find. This one comes close:

Welcome Artwiculati!

"On behalf of Salon Daddy @TheSupercargo and Maîtresse d' @SJHatzi I'd like to thank all
our well-wishers for their appreciation and encouragement of this brandnew Salon ArtWois.
We're looking forward to your participation to make it a true refuge for all Artwiculati.
                             Sincerely, your humble DJ/bartender @harrarp." Now who wants a refill?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Countdown ------ Saturday March 6 - Sunday March 7

Click a clock to see when the Salon Artwois goes public.

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Goldfish

Now that we have met Igor last month, it's time to get acquainted with Daniël @lithiumzombie's Goldfish, who is an invaluable character in the Artwiculate cast. Few know his real name, even fewer of us would be ignorant of some of his hidden traits if it weren't for his intrepid biographer Katy @Kado56.

Goldfish : Un-bubbly submarine creature with the dubious pleasure of belonging to @lithiumzombie. Causes raised eyebrows due to massive Artwiculate Fin Club. Doesn’t actually tweet but has ways of getting his message across. So far Goldfish has been hurled into vortex and void, fed mind-changing drugs and suffered multiple deaths.  He is, to say the least, resilient, does an awesome interpretation of Jaws, cross dresses as a piranha and warns that if we tap on the glass one more time, our tweeting days are over.

To top the bill, Katie spent all night pressing her pretty nose against the glass of the bowl and painted Daniël's Goldfish in hot action (click the image for screen filling submarine terror).

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help, the podcast stops!

Should a podcast pause or hiccup, give it a few seconds to buffer, and then press play again.
It will run smoothly. Really...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Artwois Podcast #002 "Between PA and NSW"

Our second Salon podcast: @TheSupercargo hosts @StarofSavannah and @dmriver as they share some of their recent favorite Artwiculate tweets from opposite corners of the world.
You can read a transcript of this podcast here.
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