Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who's Who are the Artwiculati?

Who's Who   Subjective, biased "reviews" of daily, long-term contributors. We'll be adding more as we go along until we have all daily players included. If we've not listed you yet it's because we are trying to capture the quiddity of your tweeting style and we will not publish until we think we've nailed it. Oh, and because we sometimes need to tweet, eat and sleep :). If you want to write your own bio, please mail it to us at and we'll post it, although we may emend for  spelling, tone, grammar and,  um... accuracy.

  @TheSupercargo  One of the original composers of "serial" tweets. The patron Saint of  the "Saint" series and the inventor of Six Degrees of Propinquity - an  inspiration for others to pastiche. It is thanks to John that Salon Artwois was born. Literary scholar nonpareil.
  @harrarp Auteur of tweets sui generis. Polymathic erudition and rakish, coruscating wit with a twist. The life of the party and a belesprit. Hellacious élan, in a tweet.
  @SJHatzi Prophetess descended from Delphi to tweet hot blooded poetry. Has taken not only @Artwiculate to her heart, but also all who sail in her. The gracious Queen of the gang.
  @routermonkey Alliterative, atwitterative and oh so articulate. Tongue in cheek and cheek in spadefuls. This is a rhythm fiend, these tweets hum and sway with the clacketty clack of a train that’s going somewhere interesting.  Slapstick humour borders on cheerfully grim. A ride not to be missed.
  @MarcosArroyos  Kafka on Tweeter! Gallows humor. Doomsayer political zings. Despite how that reads, WAY fun  tweets! And, one of the most gifted haiku  composers in the game. Marcos is a man of contrasts and unfathomable  range.
  @tWordBird If the Bard had a bird, it would  be this Birdie. Setting words to a  nightingale's song, crafting  Artwicu-nests with chatoyant gems. The wit in Twitter.
  @StarOfSavannah  Introspective poetess  & chronicler of a day in the life of a  bright young woman. A  philosopher, inspiring scribe and rambunctious  ray of sunshine.
  @coinopratdchris   Live at the Improv! If  necrophiliac humor's your thing, Chris is your  man! But wait, there's  more! A gentleman knight is hiding beneath the  Grim Reaper armor. He'll steal your heart.
  @ultracutebot   The name says it all: Sassy  Über-Kuteness in a tweet-her-heart-out bot.  And, do not judge a bot by  its cover: extraordinary depth lurks beneath irreverent sans souci. Caution: Highly lovable.
  @navinsasikumar  Rudyard Kipling as a young man tweeting. The dashing crown prince of  the Artwiculati. Bonhomie personified.
  @MaxRaunchiness   The man, the myth, the legend. Virility in a tweet.  Portrait of the  pick-up artist as an older man. In one word: cocksure. Our favorite ribald miscreant whose lascivious braggadocio has made Max-groupies out  of us.
  @MaltaGoddess   A bodacious rampallion; mulibriety in a tweet: wanton sensuality  gallivanting the streets - and sheets - of Malta. A mercurial hellion's  unabashed tweeting with bawdry humor and ravishing erotic imagery. Max  has met his match.
  @pn8r   Penetrating intellect. Techie, Trekkie and explorer of ways Milky. Beam  me up Scottie for a treat - a constellation of scintillating tweets!
   @lithiumzombie  Goldfish owner. To be or not to be pontificator. Explorer of foreign  matter in soups served in restaurants. Haiku composer extraordinaire. Yeap, a Renaissance man.
  @californiakara  This is a lady for whom words have no secrets. Etymologist par  excellence, sublime semanticist, her vocabulary is vast and varied.  These are succinct tweets that always raise a smile - and overall  literacy levels.
  @Lagadu123 Acerbic  wit with bon mots in a tweet and truth captured in pythic elegance. A  tweeter not to be fribbled with lest she dabbles in your destiny.
  @Kado56  Cherchez la femme... Doyenne of the hilariously inventive rhyme and  persiflage sublime. World-class word slinger - do not miss her daily  badinage with @dmriver.
   @dmriver  Riparian king of the potamic tweet. The biggest heart we've ever seen.  Quircky, wholesome Aussie raillery and raconteur of epic tweets and  agrarian wit. Uproarious daily repartee with @Kado56 - a must read.
  @Tralala56  Prodigious insight in masterfully crafted tweets with universal truths  and joie de vivre. Lyricist of poignant haiku and unrivaled mistress of  the piercing quip.
   @emmaexpress  En guarde! Trenchant wit in a tweet. Masterly understatement in a zing. With Emma, we simply bow and acquiesce "touché!"
   @TooTweested  Defies description. Irreverent rogue player with his own cult following,  tweeting intermittently about people pissing on the electric fence,  apparently a metaphor for questionable sportsmanship.
   @Tama001 Astute political & sociological commentary on the realities of  today's Japan. Haiku as graceful as the feline he is, as resplendent as the cherry blossoms of his hometown.
  @osmarjardim  By far the most hilariously prolific retweeter in Artwiculate. Osmar  takes big bites out of life and lives for today. His unabashed glee at  playing this game is irresistibly endearing. One of a kind. Will make you glad to be alive.
   @drchavi  Chavi's insights into the WOTD are aha! moments captured with refinement  and poise in a tweet. We call them "Chavisms". Each tweet an  inspiration.
   @jonpowles A  rhapsodic  parodist. Composer of "I Hate Haiku" con brio and doggerels  scherzando. The king of the altruistic tweet patético. A virtuoso of  bravura in a tweet and ripostes sans pareil.
  @TiddK  Poet  of haunting imagery and mellifluous triumphant rhyme. Black Hole  explorer. James Bond and Batman reporter. Franglais tweeter. Word of the  day essence distiller. No poetaster, she. A bluestocking in a tweet.
   @Eridanus  Originator of the Bond series, he's mysterious to Bond's flashy. He  likes his tweets stirred and not shaken. With his astonishing depth of  intellect and erudition, his words scintillate brighter than the  constellation he is named after.
  @DrMobs Madcap wit from a brilliant scientist.
  @zimmerjohn An  expert at compiling lengthy witty speeches as well as short and pithy  tweets, his talent for precise & concise wins him many admirers.  Tongue quite firmly in his cheek, his utterances appear effortless and  well-groomed. Each word has its function, weight and value. This is a versatile wordsmith, and that's the long and the short of it!
   @maryjenkins  Lopes through twitterverse with the easy grace of an articulate gazelle.  A cheeky spring in her step of agile leaps of the mind, she doesn't  even need to pause for breath. Boundless imagination and fancy footwork make her a joy to watch, a challenge to equal.
  @ysabeluna Hail the queen of elusive alliteration and allusive haiku! Stay tuned  for her goodnight gems of wisdom.
  @DaveCurry  Coruscating flights of quirky fancy in a tweet. A singular wit.
  @ChrisDetar A  voice that never wavers. A steady hand on the tweetgun, Chris shoots  from the hip. This is no dazzle fan. Tweets are straight up: take it or  leave it with an economy of frills and a bounty of truth. A magical  knack for capturing those plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face moments.
   @minibtweet  Offers a world of enchantment and lyrical charm. She takes us into the  world of her own experience where pragmatism peeps through with a  bright-eyed sparkle echoing our own soft chuckles. It is a rare gift to  render universal what is personal.
   @DrJillZ There  is always somewhere where Science and Art meet and this is it! The  self-confessed timidity flees before this powerful pen and the obvious  delight in this craft becomes the delight of her readers. Science  demands the spot on definition; Art blesses with lyricism, wit and  style.
  @AkhKoshur A  man of few words, but those words say plenty. Hallmark? Unquenchable  search for wisdom.
   @CatMar604 Her  lissome ways with knickers, accolades, haiku, double entendres  & limericks keep us in stitches. Living proof of beauty with  brains.
   @SaraiLune A  pensive chanteuse of tweets exploring the strife and triumphs of our  psyche.
   @AaronLivingston  Mystical painter of words and worlds. A troubadour of haiku.
  @EccleStoned  Epigrammatic, larky quips in a tweet. The master of off-the-wall  breviloquence.
   @languagenhumor  A panoply of polyglotic, erudite ken. Laconic wit and haiku. Preciosity  in a tweet.
   @JoeKnaack  Serves the word up in any of many forms. Off the cuff tweets, straight  from the heart and to the point. Like the arrow guided by a sure hand,  he finds his mark.  This guy is always on target.  And there's more than  one zing to his bow!
  @Leximaniac  Valentini is in love with words and she seduces us to know more. Her  irrepressible Greek spirit shines through her tweets, transporting us to  that land of light where Sophia has reigned Queen since ancient times.
  @LBY3 This guy  marshals his thoughts and probably doesn't even have to threaten the  words for them to fall into place.  His artwiculating abdominals are in  tip top shape, his tweets trim and pared of all non-essential excess.
  @kings_indian  Terse yet rich, concise yet substantial, cynical yet gallant.  Philosophic distiller of quiddity with a twist.
   @celticgladiator  A naturalness and spontaneity that disarm and never fail. He talks like  we were at the bus stop on the way to work.  The meaning is unambiguous  and shines with an honest clarity. Nonchalant one-liners trip off his  tongue, remaining feisty and thought-provoking. Artwiculate threw down  the gauntlet. The challenge is accepted daily.
   @Faisal___Faisal's  self deprecating humor disarms and his clear-sighted understanding of  the things that should matter in life enchants. His warmth and his  unbridled joy at playing Artwiculate make him the friend we know we have  regardless of the oceans between us.
   @wifsie Trust  her to pick up a handful of words. Watch her string them onto her  threads of pastiche, poetry and punch lines.  She'll hand you a  masterpiece of word jewelry. Pearls of wit and wisdom adorning the  Artwiculate sphere. Our world is brighter for her reflections.
  @amanuel187  Does the sum equal the parts?  Here we have a fragmentation specialist.  The tight, in-a-nutshell, one:two style, the under the shell tweet. Is  it under this one? Or this one? Heck - neither! He likes to turn the  word on its head, give it a good shake till all the goodies fall out.  This is offset by lilting haiku, sharp fragments that are glowing prisms  of brilliance.
  @symphonist  certainly doesn't need both cerebral hemispheres to write but the result  is music to our ears. He pins the word down for examination, extracts  the essence con brio and makes it dance to his tune. His haiku are  compositions of impeccable rhythm and poise. Finesse!
  @Quatfest_Haiku  Haiku has many homes and here is one. The Human Haiku. Artwiculati are  spoiled by regular haiku tweets revealing the discipline needed to play  in one form alone and the discipline required to manipulate that form  with such skill and humour. Images are powerful, sometimes surprising  but always a true discovery for us all.
   @Gardencomet  Blazing a trail in the Artwiculate firmament. Handle with gloves because  she is hot! Prolific, poetic, provocative, her tweets sizzle and  twinkle offering a Max-imum of pleasure. Fired with rocket engine energy  she spits fire and fun and then surprises with those delicate poetic  stars hung deftly and lovingly overhead.
  @agezoko  Reassemble your sentences following different rules. Reassemble your  thoughts because these are offerings we cannot afford to ignore. The  abstract inhabits an unfamiliar concrete perhaps but the result is pure  poetry. Listen to the rhythm of these tweets, venture beyond the  complacency of the familiar and inhabit a wider universe. The  Artwiculate horizons know no bounds thanks to word crafting like this.
  @tgunnars The tall blonde Swede of everybody's imagination, his ongoing war with his ex-wife's mother has us all in stitches (Ted's stitches are coming out next week). The grand old man of the nursing-home tweet keeps senility one step further away for all of us.
  @relevanthaiku The arch-poet of the contemporary moment, he captures the quirks and turmoils of modern life in seventeen turbocharged syllables.  His speciality? The erotic and erratic world of love.
  @graffitipoet The dark prophet of the urban landscape, the bard of Bukowski, bourbon and bureaucracy.  A dangerous customer, to be treated with caution and taken in small doses!  Sometimes lets us see his softer side, barely glimpsed though haunting visions.
  @Squawkingalah A shrieker in the greater shriekery, an altogether articulate avian alliterista.  She is larger than life, louder than laughter and adds her joyous antipodean cry to the cacophony of tweet.
  @arcangeld Hailing from the most isolated city in the world, his tweets are wry, dry, and full of irony.  Takes laconic brevity to a point where 140 characters looks like self-indulgence.
  @Fatal_Romantic He writes as if lounging on a sailboat. Dreaming without a fixed destination; just whirling around, chasing a breezy thought... or a lady to sweep into the air. As sure as water flows, from him spills a sea of splendour in the form of haiku and senryu.
  @bwlightning A master in the art of relatable musings, Bonnie weaves breathtaking, mood-altering haiku, six words with a twist, and when you least expect it - down the hatch with a side-splitting bar joke. Six more words to describe her:  distinct modest delightful talent to behold.
  @OpelDHell Behind a plastic face lies the bees knees of haiku, poetry, and baloney. The baloney tag is served with a side of wry humour. To crack the code of this luxurious enigma is to revel in binary genius.
  @Eccles9 An expert at being himself, David effortlessly rustles up attention with his social commentary interspersed with *oh dear* and *sigh* What's all the susurrus about? Ask him to finagle an amusing Brown Paper Cowboy tweet or a genial game of Dig Dug.
  @silversteelwolf When he's not on the fastidious pursuit for higher learning and a medical degree, Michael visits Artwiculate with more than a paucity of wit and wisely throws requests to defenestrate out the window.
  @bumfuzzled2004 Sometimes the lil’ ol’ man in the hills sees it all.  All of life’s twists and kinks are held out, cradled in a bed of poetry. The cynical, gruff artist in person, he’ll dance you on a string and maybe give it a savage tweak.  These tweets are written to warn, relate, retaliate not to please but, in the end, that is exactly what they do.
  @jumpmonk Alternates between tweets of musicality & strength and the famous Guy walks into a bar jokes which are his trademark. An ability to squeeze the last sour drop from the lemon, add the necessaries, shake and, with pizzazz, serve up a cocktail of wit and nail-on -the-head accuracy. Always hits the spot.  Bartender…?
  @bitethedust Take a stick and poke it. Provocation is the favoured implement of this is born conversationalist, context tweeter, master of the witty riposte.  En garde, Artwiculati, because Zorro only finishes the top stroke of his ‘Z’, before this guy has run rings around him, run him through and can’t be seen for the dust. 
  @goldenskye No single style defines her, no single word defies her. These tweets are the work of a dedicated word whisperer. They give her all they’ve got. Her balance and style are impressive, her lyrical musings to sigh for and her accuracy and artistry to die for. 
  @puddlemonkey This little teapot lets off steam, hot sizzling tweets that can seem too hot to handle but, boy, do they clear the head! These are wise, sharp often provocative thoughts that get themselves noticed, not just for their incisive content but for the ferociously well constructed chain of words. These are fearless, defiant, dry and signed with a sting.
   @4tailslampwork True to answering Twitter's ineluctable question: "What's happening?" This Atlanta resident takes us on a hysterical journey of life in the classroom. And what a cattywampus classroom! Will sick a cat on you for blatant plagiarism. Permission to tweet during faculty meetings since apparently trysts are a far cry from the cat's meow.
  @ecoflic Tea makes everything better when you're saving the ecosystem one tweet at a time. Some call it hubris to craft clever tweets AND save all the trees on Earth. We call it BEING AWESOME!!! Sounds like she could school us on the true meaning of efflorescence
  @revhappines Adam revs up the happiness with tales of yesteryear and dear old Dad ~ "This report card is completely ineffable! Calm down Dad, there's no need to swear". He speaks of waistlines without wasting a line on literary debris. Brevity is King!
  @catwaldron This humorist won the hearts of snowbound artwiculati by using the term "thundersnow". Indeed, she is the quiddity of nature gone wild. Can a Brownian tweet move a person? Maybe. If he's suave enough to avoid getting caught with lipstick on his collar...not so fast...we have a crafty cat woman in our midst.
  @grrl74 grrl interrupted / razor sharp, spicy, witty / verse-a-smile *wink* Looking for trouble? You found her, hobbledehoys.
  @miridunn With a heart as vast as Canada's Ocean Playground, Miriam proves daily that she can coax a purr from an ornery cat. She possesses a unique and tantalizing talent. Give her a word, any word and she will create a clever haiku...within ONE minute. That will be one dollar, please and thank-you.
  @smeedha Don't look at me. Look at my smart, retweetable tweets, you idiosyncratic purveyors of persiflage! Yawn, class is so boring...what's the WOTD of the day? #whine #comics

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