Thursday, February 18, 2010

Imaginary friends, relatives and pets: Igor

From @lithiumzombie's Goldfish, @TiddK's Batman and @Eridanus's Bond to @MaxRaunchiness's Redhead, a lot of characters populate the Artwiculate landscape. Once in a while we will push one of them into the limelight.
Meet Igor! Igor is Katy’s @Kado56's imaginary cousin whom she threatens David @dmriver with and who she has actually sent down under to wreak havoc on David's farm. A lot of us follow Katy’s and David’s daily badinage, riddled with threats of Igor. He is a legend in our own minds.

According to @Kado56 and @dmriver:
"You'll know it's Igor because you never hear his padded footfall and his monstrous shadow blocks the sun.  Stealth bomber with the proportions of a Jumbo,  fond of weapons and of playing Peekaboo, Igor is a… well, man, of contrasts.  As at home in the tropical jungle as the urban, Igor makes his presence felt, his wishes known and his name a byword for havoc. Traveler of this world and many others, Igor has a tendency to drop in unannounced.  He responds well to food, raw meat a favourite.  Some of us love him warts and all. Nota bene: In the event of legal proceedings please address yourselves to Messrs Smith & Wesson."

And to make sure you'd recognize the rogue, should he cross your path, here is Katy's own artwork (click the image for a larger than life shudder):


  1. Katy, it's great to see what Igor really looks like! Your artwork is amazing! :)

  2. I don't care what anyone says, I like Igor and I'm not afraid of him. I think that while he's a brute to... say David, he is a gent to ladies. To me he's always been more of a protector. Katy, you've brought him to life! I tune in nightly for months now to follow the continuing saga of Igor terrorizing others (I suspect at Katy's whim ;-)


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